Change Management Service

TechQuarters Change Management Service helps all your users understand Microsoft 365 applications using our A.I. e-learning training systems.

Service Summary

Have you recently migrated your whole business to Office 365 and want to get some training to prove the ROI? Organising hundreds of staff into classroom sessions can be like a logistical Everest. Also, not everyone is a ‘self-led’ learner, so investing in self-teach programmes might not be the most cost effective and worthwhile solution

You can make the most of your Office 365 subscription and training investment with our Change Management Service, a 6-month training schedule which tracks usage of our e-learning web app, packed with thousands of quick and focused videos on all things Office 365.

We work with you to personalise email campaigns by department, so staff get visibility of training videos prioritised by their role. Plus, as it is a 6-month training schedule, the content is reinforced, staff retain more information and productivity keeps improving.

The process starts with an initial planning period, meeting with your heads of each department to discuss priorities and agree the schedule. We then run a series of kick off webinars to all users, so everyone gets a standardised introduction to the web app. They receive weekly emails on priority areas to each department, to encourage continued usage of the training site. Lastly, we feedback to the heads of each area on user activity and progress on a monthly basis.

The Benefits of TechQuarters Change Management Service

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Ensures ROI on Microsoft 365 purchase

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Productive Workforce

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Positive Client Perception

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Improved Staff Morale

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Reduce Downtime

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Competitive Advantage

STEP 1 – Initial Planning Period

  • Meeting with Heads of each area
  • Discuss and agree the training schedule
  • Discuss product group campaigns and the
  • training timeframes
  • Agree planned activity and follow up with a
  • Teams/Skype meeting
  • Demo the tool kit
  • Manage the training bot rollout

STEP 2 – Monthly activity for the next 6 months

  • Kick off webinar to all users
  • Initiate email for top tip videos of the week by department
  • Present usage reports to the Heads of each area on a monthly basis
  • Send report to Heads, detailing progress of users
  • Call with Heads or Department Sponsors about progress

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