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Are you looking for a more proactive or forward-thinking IT company, who makes recommendations or works with you on IT strategy? Are all your IT upgrades very reactive and spontaneous, based on issues or breaks rather than decisions made to improve and advance the business? Do you want to be implementing the latest tech, but at a pace that suits your business?

Our Cloud Roadmap document is designed to create a partnership where we know your setup inside and out. We work to highlight any weaknesses before they become an issue, as well as potential improvements and give you a clear strategy for change, so you can make budgetary allocations in advance.

It’s a 3-year strategy which reviews your current step up and looks for opportunities such as security improvements, cost savings, server updates and hardware enhancements. It will then be assessed every year, to ensure it stays in line with your business.

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The myriad of options for a move to the Cloud are ever increasing. With 600+ services on Microsoft Azure and 20+ applications on Office 365, with that just being Microsoft alone, it can easily make an organisation think, where do I start with this Cloud?

We understand that every organisation’s starting point is different. You may have invested in technology from your inception and probably been through an upgrade or two along the way. You also may have business sector specific applications, that may have their own demands for effective operation.

That’s why we developed a process to audit your network, applications, storage and other systems, with a holistic view on how you might integrate some of the Microsoft Cloud technologies over time.

It never ends up being a big bang approach, implementing everything in one go, as that places a lot of strain on a business and adds complexity with greater risk. It is sensible to implement what is required up front, train the users and then seed later technology into the infrastructure as you go, so that over the course of the first year, you see great benefit and not hair loss!

Most clients ask us to create them a 3 Year Cloud Roadmap from the audit, which defines their strategic move to the cloud over this period. This effectively acts as a blueprint for the ‘journey to the cloud’ and will undoubtedly go through a few iterations, so we have Account Managers who will meet with you annually and review the plan to make sure it still makes sense for your business.

Whether you are starting your journey or halfway there, it is a perfect initial way to engage with us and plan the next stage of your technology journey with the cloud, adding some clarity on the options available to you.

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