Backup Service

Service Summary

Nowadays having a backup service for your systems is a given, not a second thought. Hardware can fail, data can be corrupted, devices can be lost or stolen and not knowing your work and your staff’s work is secure can be a huge concern.

You also probably don’t love the idea of spending a fortune on an expensive backup server ‘just in case’, but also have some concerns about the security and compliance of backing up over the internet.

Our backup service is a cost-effective and scalable solution that is not only fast, but secure and compliant as well. It’s easy to use and backs up selected company data safely over the internet, to a Microsoft data centre called ‘Azure’.

Azure has more than 50 compliance certifications specific to global regions and countries, such as US, UK and the EU, as well as compliance offerings specific to the needs of key industries like health, government, finance, education, manufacturing and media. Therefore, you can be certain most industry-specific compliance requirements for data protection will be met.

The Benefits of TechQuarters’ Backup Service

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Increased Uptime

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ROI on Purchase

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Business Continuity

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Improved Staff Morale

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Single Solution

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What is our backup service?

TechQuarters Backup is a business level online backup service from TechQuarters, which is secure, reliable and easy to use. It backs up your selected company data, securely and safely over the internet due to the high level of encryption employed. The data is then safely stored on the award winning, fully resilient Data Centre, e.g. Microsoft Azure.

How does it work?

TechQuarters Backup works by setting up a secure encrypted link from your office to the TechQuarters data storage centre. Data is then replicated daily by default, and only replicates the data that has changed since the last copy was made. In the event of data loss we will restore your files immediately upon request and get you back