Disaster Recovery

A mirror of your whole infrastructure or business specific servers in the Microsoft Cloud, giving you a site to work from in the event of a disaster.

Service Summary

If you’re a very tech-dependant business, not being able to access your network or infrastructure is literally the worst-case scenario.

Anything could happen that means you can’t access the internet or your servers. For example, if there’s a serious power cut that stops all devices, internet and servers in your office working – what’s your plan?

TechQuarters Disaster Recovery Service updates daily, is cost effective as you choose exactly what you want to replicate. As a result, you’re not wasting money on no-essential data and will save you days of downtime in a disaster.

We take copies of any changes made on your local servers, so you have a replica safe in the cloud. Within a few minutes of notifying us of the disaster, we can get you up and running again. Users are pointed at the data centre copy of your infrastructure from anywhere that they have an internet connection.

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The Benefits of Disaster Recovery

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Increased Uptime

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Business Continuity

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What is our Disaster Recovery Service?

Using the very latest Microsoft Cloud Solutions, TechQuarters can replicate either your whole infrastructure or business specific servers to the Microsoft Azure Cloud. Therefore, you always have a mirrored second site to work from in the event of a disaster.

We will get you up and running within a matter of minutes and your users can access their usual IT systems from anywhere in the world, using a PC or laptop that is connected to the internet.

Once the disaster has been resolved, we will roll back the systems to your primary site, including all the changes that have happened during the time you’ve been working on the mirrored system.

Disaster Recovery Solution from ~London IT Support experts TechQuarters

How does it work?

Our Cloud Architects will configure your systems to replicate off-site using Microsoft Azure Site Recovery (ASR). Once the initial replication is done, then it only replicates the small changes to the Data Centre, at set times during the day. After that, whenever you need access to the second systems, we spin them up, on your request, so they become live and accessible via remote networking.


  • Fixed pricing per server to replicate your infrastructure to the Microsoft Cloud
  • Cost effective Disaster Recovery solution

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