Desktop as a Service – DaaS

DaaS enables organisations to work flexibly from anywhere, within a secure environment, accessing all their systems from the Cloud.

Service Summary

Does your company work in a fast-paced environment with lots of flexible or roving workers, whom are in and out of the office quite frequently? Have you recently worried that technology is controlling your company too much and not allowing you to progress quickly enough?

Desktop as a Service, using a new technology from Microsoft called Windows Virtual Desktop, allows you to give each user a standardised desktop system that meets their exact needs with speed. They can log into any desktop and not wait for long downloads or syncs before they can actually start to work. What’s more is that it has extensive controls for the security of your corporate data.

It is super-fast and built for organisations such as Recruitment, Finance, Gambling sectors as more, that have a changing flexible workforce.

The Benefits of Desktop as a Service

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Cost Effective

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What is it?

TechQuarters provides Desktop as a Service (also known as Hosted Desktop) to organisations by migrating all their IT Infrastructure to a fast and reliable system, designed and hosted on Microsoft Azure using Citrix and RDS from Windows based laptops or PCs.

The service includes full access to Office 365 and unlimited IT Support and User Training for adoption of the Cloud Services. Security, ease of use, reliability and reduced capital expenditure are the corner stones of the service.

All the users can work flexibly from anywhere in the world that has an internet connection. It is perfect for organisations that want to reduce their IT hassles, have a scalable and future-proofed system.

Desktop as a Service gives each user an identical look and feel to their IT, whether they are working from home, in the office or on the go with their laptop, and is protected from power cuts or disaster issues at your office that would otherwise stop users working.

How does it work?

The first step in the process is to quickly ascertain the full details of your present network with an audit. This will detail the present desktops, laptops, mobile devices, servers and software that you use.

TechQuarters then build your new infrastructure and migrate the data and applications to it.

We then train all the users with our 365 Cloud Academy and provide on-going Service Levelled IT Support with our team of UK based engineers.


The Desktop as a Service infrastructure is hosted on Microsoft’s Azure infrastructure so reliability, security and cost effectiveness are inherent within the design.

You get a seamless migration of all your present systems to the Cloud and upgraded to Microsoft Office 365 along the way.

Your organisation gets the best of both worlds; accessing all the latest applications and software that Microsoft Cloud produces, then combining that with any of your business sector specific applications, housed on a single secure platform in the cloud.

This truly is a system designed to deliver reliability, giving your users access to the most modern applications to speed up their work and help them be efficient, letting you get on with building your organisation, with minimal day to day IT hassles.

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