Store and collaborate on documents across the business, from anywhere in the world with SharePoint

Service Summary

Is your server infrastructure getting a little old now and you are considering new ways for your users to collaborate on documents and files?

Perhaps the concern of having to buy a new server is making you consider other options?

Microsoft created the SharePoint service more than a decade ago, to allow file sharing and collaboration from a centralised point in the cloud. It performs all the tasks of a file server, allowing you to access and sync folders down to your laptops, so you can edit documentation offline.

It looks much like a web site, but we can design it to look identical to your own file system. There is much more to it than a file server though, for instance it does a very good job of allowing multiple users to collaborate in excel or word online, in real time, whilst saving versions automatically.

It is the perfect addition to your server infrastructure, for perhaps your collaboration files or even archive data. Why? Because it is very cost effective, allowing you to pay monthly for usage and blends in perfectly with an existing infrastructure.

Our SharePoint design teams will quickly ascertain your needs and can design a site for you and migrate your existing data to it, in a matter of days.

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The Benefits of SharePoint

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Access from Anywhere

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Easy Collaboration

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Efficient Content Management

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Seamless Integration

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Advanced Security

What do we do?

There are several reasons you need to use an IT Partner like TechQuarters for the development of your SharePoint site:

  • Speed up the development
  • Add the design skills to make it look attractive for user’s adoption
  • Make sure the build is done correctly
  • Handover and planning so users know where to go and how to use it correctly

It’s is really important that your site is designed and developed properly, so it doesn’t become a mammoth of an application causing your business to slow down its work rate and get rather confused and frustrated.

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