Microsoft Teams

A collaborative digital work space that enables users to communicate through chat, teleconferencing and integrated business apps

Service Summary

Are you concerned that your team are wasting time in meetings with old fashioned ways of working, like sharing files over email and USB sticks?

With the ever-increasing speed of the workplace, there’s less time and more tasks to perform. Waiting for an email with a document attachment to arrive is an old way of collaboration, and is simply slowing you down. Microsoft 365 is built to allow users to collaborate in new, faster ways.

Flexible working has increased more than 10-fold in the last 5 years (according to the TUC). Staff are working at home and joining teleconferences, and the smart business of today allows this with speed and agility using collaboration software.

Microsoft Teams is a market leading collaborative digital workplace, where users can create, edit and share documents in real time, video conference, instant message and telephone call – all from the comfort of their devices from anywhere in the world! If you are on the go, it works perfectly on your mobile as well, so you can get that all-important information, just before going into a meeting, on the fly.

The Benefits of Microsoft Teams

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Faster & Smarter Working

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Modern Workplace

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ROI on Purchase

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Increased Productivity

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Flexible Solution

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Chat and Meetings

Users can chat and access upcoming meetings, accept and decline – all from within the app.

They can also take incoming and outgoing calls, attend video and audio conference calls.

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Activity and Files

Users can save, access and collaborate important files in OneDrive through Microsoft Teams.

They can see recent activity in the activity tab, helping users stay up to date with changes, conversations and much more.

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Teams Tab and Applications

Users can create Teams channels where users can work together within various Office 365 applications.

Teams tab also includes the chat feature, so users can instantly communicate whilst collaborating.

Main Features

  • Chat & Secure Messaging
  • Access Meetings Online
  • Audio and Video Conferencing
  • Business Apps Integrated
  • Collaboration Tools

Teams Facts

  • 87 Fortune 500 Companies use Microsoft Teams
  • Teams is available in 44 Languages
  • Teams is the fastest growing Business App in Microsoft History
  • 329K businesses are actively using Microsoft Teams

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