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Creating a Digitally Inclusive Modern Workplace

Service Summary

Are you worried that you’re putting off great candidates with disabilities from your organisation, just because you don’t have the right technology in place? Or maybe you really want to be able to offer inclusive technology in your workplace, but aren’t sure where to start and how which is will cost.

Microsoft 365 is a bundle package that includes all the features your staff need to work to the best of their abilities, regardless of challenges.

You get all the programs you need to run a productive and collaborative organisation, like communications apps, file storage, the full Office suite, as well as security. Then built into these products, are hundreds of accessibility functions and features that help users with or without disabilities work and collaborate – all from within the same apps.

Lastly, we have an e-learning web app filled with videos on all these great accessibility features, so your users can get to know these functions and incorporate them into their daily routine – all for a few pounds per user per month.

The Benefits of Microsoft Accessibility for Organisations

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Increased Productivity

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Lower Staff Rotation

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Improved Customer Perception

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Another Step to Being Disability Confident

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Improved Brand Reputation

What is it?

Microsoft 365 is a package that includes Office 365, Windows 10, Enterprise Mobility + Security, an all inclusive business package containing all you need to operate your business and be more productive. Within this great package, there are built in accessibility features that allow people with a wide range of disabilities to thrive within your modern workplace.

The Accessibility functions in Microsoft 365 are embedded within all your favourite applications – from Outlook to OneNote. This way anyone who would like to benefit from these inclusive features can do so from within the same apps their colleagues know and love.

The Benefits of Microsoft Accessibility for Employees

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Inclusive & Diverse Work Environment

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No Limitations When Working

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Increased Productivity

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More Likely to Stay in Organisation

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Improved Collaboration

Applications included in Microsoft 365


Check out an example of one of the great Accessibility features in PowerPoint

What makes us a leading Microsoft 365 Accessibility provider in London?

TechQuarters have trained 18,000 since we started the 365 Cloud Academy in 2015. Since the first webinars, we have evolved to have our own video hosting web app housing 2000+ 15 second videos and playlists on all the applications in Office 365.

After meeting with Microsoft’s Chief Accessibility Officer, Jenny Lay-Flurrie, in 2018 – our CEO Chris introduced accessibility specific videos and playlists for users with disabilities. We’ve also introduced our accessibility friendly editing style, which includes subtitles as well as audio description for users with hearing and vision challenges.

We’re constantly working with staff that have disabilities to improve this service, which has led to the introduction of an ‘Accessibility Workplace Assessment’ Survey. This surveys your users to anonymously feedback on your workplace technology’s inclusivity, as well as give them a chance to namelessly disclose any disabilities they may have. This leaves you with a clear and honest assessment of your staff’s technology needs, so we can work together on a solution and setup that caters for your entire workforce.

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