Microsoft 365 Business Security

Service Summary

A lot of people have heard the term ‘Digital Transformation’, which is probably used a little too much nowadays, but Microsoft’s vision is to transform your organisation into a secure Modern Workplace using their software, such as Microsoft 365.

The interesting thing about this software, is that it really is a bundle package of ALL their great work applications. For instance, it includes licenses for Windows 10 to get your desktop up to date, Office 365 and all the Cloud applications, Microsoft Office for your desktop and Enterprise Security to secure all your data and environment.

The security element of Microsoft 365 is so powerful as it can lock down your organisations data to stop leakage, which in turn solves many of the GDPR requirements, amongst many other things.

The Benefits of Microsoft 365 Business Security

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Increased Uptime

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ROI on Purchase

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Business Continuity

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Improved Staff Morale

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Single Solution

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So, what else can it do?

Microsoft 365 Business Security performs the following key functions:

  • Protects data and email on any mobile device
  • Cleans your email for any malware and stops users from clicking on erroneous links or false attachments
  • Combines with Windows 10 desktop security to make sure it challenges any users to log in correctly and pushes hackers out of systems
  • Alerts you if strange oddities are happening on your security, that shouldn’t be happening

It really is an astounding piece of security software as it covers all bases for organisations that realise being hacked is not just about a virus attack anymore.

TechQuarters project teams have been implementing this since its inception and are Cloud Architects when it comes to this level of security implementation.

There are versions of Microsoft 365 security, which are perfect for organisations up to 300 employees, as well as an even beefier version for Enterprises with 300+.

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