Enterprise Mobility and Security

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Service Summary

In the age of Cloud Computing with more remote users than ever, it is essential to have strong mobile application and device management software implemented within your organisation.

Enterprise Mobility Security solution (EMS) from Microsoft will protect your organisation’s data on all mobile devices (phones, tablets, laptops) and allows selective and full remote wiping of data if the device is lost or stolen.

Enterprise Mobility and Security solution also protects against viruses and malware across your organisation.

How does it work?

TechQuarters investigate your company policies for application usage and data access guidelines. We then create profiles for groups of users and policies for the organisation to implement on each device.

We can configure the portal to enable the management of any phone, tablet, Surface, laptop or PC from one central cloud portal. It allows restrictions of usage on certain company applications, the forcing of pin codes on devices, implementation of multi-factor authentication, and the protection against viruses or malware.

In the event of a device being lost or stolen, we can selectively or full remote wipe the data immediately from the device, so your data doesn’t get into the wrong hands.

What can it do?

  • Remote wipe only company owned data if someone leaves the company leaving their personal data intact
  • Remove everything entirely if a device goes missing or is stolen
  • Run site audits of all hardware and software
  • Enforce company policies (like no access to emails on your phone unless you have a pin)
  • Protect documents with passwords or ‘no forwarding’ policies
  • Roll out single sign on to Office 365 and other 3rd party apps
  • Multi-factor authentication to protect against spoofing web site and passwords being stolen
  • Advanced threat analytics on domain servers to detects threats with unusual behaviour and reporting to IT

The Benefits of Enterprise Mobility and Security

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Disaster Averting

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Scalable Solution

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Risk Minimising

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Peace of Mind


Enterprise Mobility + Security E3

  • Azure active directory premium P1
    • Self service password resets can be setup with single sign-on experiences, which makes staff more productive and reduces support overheads.
    • Control the access to company resources for individuals.
    • Enable additional levels of access with multi-factor authentication and conditional access to the data and network, such as forced pin entry on mobiles.
    • Monitoring suspicious activity through advanced security reporting, auditing and alerting helps mitigate potential security issues.
    • Provide single sign-on access to your applications including thousands of pre-integrated Software as a Service applications.
    • Take advantage of the high-availability and reliability of a worldwide, enterprise-grade, cloud-based identity and access management solution
  • Intune
    • Mobile device management (data protection)
    • Mobile application management (secure access to applications)
    • Windows defender (Antivirus and malware protection)
  • Azure Information Protection P1
    • Encryption of data in SharePoint and emails
  • Advanced threat analytics
    • Investigation and analytic reports on nefarious behaviour on servers

Enterprise Mobility + Security E5

  • Azure active directory premium P2
    • P1 + intelligent risk based account lockouts (e.g.;mulitple sign on at the same time in two different continents
  • Intune
    • Same as E3
  • Azure information protection P2
    • P1+Automatically assigned policy based on criteria (e.g. If PII is contains in a document , encrypt the document so only finance can view or modify it)
  • Advanced threat Analytics
    • Same as E3 plus deeper monitoring of windows end point event logs
  • Cloud App Security
    • Monitor the cloud based application used within an organisation and reporting to help standardise apps and stop rogue sign ups to non company defined apps.

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