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“TechQuarters seamlessly helped us plan the move and migrate to the Microsoft cloud. Their consultant was efficient, helpful and delivered exactly what they said they would do, without any hassles.”

Ian Gascoigne – Director, Pollen Street Capital

Service Summary

Have you been thinking about how you can use the Cloud in some way? The Cloud is evolving so quickly and most companies are harnessing one or more cloud services and mixing it in with their present infrastructure. The Hybrid Cloud is now dominating most organisation environments now.

Microsoft Azure is the brand name for Microsoft hosting services in their datacentres that are located all around the world, with 3 in the UK alone.

There are more than 100 services in Microsoft Azure that you can use, some for as little as pennies a month, but some that can host large private data centres themselves.

We are here to help you through the quagmire of jargon surrounding these services, explaining exactly what will be beneficial to you and what the costs are per month. Typically, organisations start with some file storage or even a backup to the Cloud, whilst some may decide to transition their whole infrastructure to a Cloud Based model, to enable flexible working and savings.

The Benefits of Cloud Hosting with Azure X Services


Cost Reductions


Modern Workplace


Automatic Updates


Flexible Solution


Advanced Security



What is it?

TechQuarters are a Gold Microsoft Azure Partner and specailise in Azure services. We run trial proof of concepts for Azure Platform as a service, through to full migrations of networks to a hosting platform.

We can move a clients whole network to the hosted environment in Azure, move local business applications to a hosted server for ease of access, sitting on Microsoft SQL as a service in Azure, move data centre workloads from none Microsoft to Azure or simply use ASR for backups and business continuity from on-premise server infrastructures.

Our team of Cloud Architects are on hand to perform POC migrations and test rigs to help the clients harness the power of Microsoft Azure Hosting.

Find out how to make the most of your Azure subscription…

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How does it work?

TechQuarters Azure Cloud Architects will demo a test lab, then set up hosting trials and perform a proof of concept for you in your area of interest. If you are already clear on what service you need, as a Tier 1 provider of Microsoft’s Azure service, TechQuarters will be able to discuss your design with you, architect the solution, then get straight into the development phase.

Our Azure Project process will involve an initial scoping phase for any migration work. Our Azure consultants then create a detailed project terms of reference (PTOR), which essentially acts as a blueprint for any further work that we perform. The PTOR will detail the phases, responsibilities, tasks, timelines and estimated costs. We then gain your approval and proceed to the next steps in the project, working with you through to controlled closure of the piece of work.

Once the Azure project work has been completed, we may handover the service to your internal team for support or you may choose to bounce out or utilise our dedicated Specialist Services team for Azure Helpdesk on-going support.

Example 1 – Hosted Servers

Would you like to migrate your old, on-premise servers to Microsoft Azure data centre hosting? Are you looking for a Microsoft Partner who can provide preferential rates for a cloud migration and hosting?

TechQuarters are a Gold Partner of Microsoft on the Azure hosting platform. We help organisations set up their Azure hosting and extend their network out to Microsoft Azure with hosting requirements such as servers or storage in the cloud.

Example 2 – Hybrid Cloud (half cloud, half on-premise)

Hybrid Cloud involves weaving in Microsoft Azure to your present network and connection of other Microsoft Cloud Solutions, such as Office 365 and Enterprise Mobility Security.

Then full support with our dedicated IT Help Desk and IT Call-out services from our London-based IT Managed Services team, followed by User Training from our 365 Cloud Academy team.

Example 3 – Data Centre Migration

If you are running virtual machines (VMs), servers, database instances, applications or just general file storage within another data centre, we can help you migrate this to Microsoft Azure.

Our Azure projects usually start by loading our tools onto the present data centre to perform a Cloud Readiness Assessment for Azure. This will indicate the costs, benefits and the detailed plan.

There are typically two ways to migrate to the cloud. The first is to build and spin up new IT infrastructure then copy the data over, the second is a lift and shift services, which copies the Virtual Machines (VMs) over to Azure.

Example 4 – Azure Backup

If you have on premise devices that contain files on storage such as servers, NAS boxes, hard drives, then you most likely want to back them up to the Cloud. TechQuarters Azure Consultancy can help. We configure devices to back up to Microsoft Azure. With this backup service you get:

  • Full file and image level backup
  • 10 years + retention
  • Backup to Azure up to 3 times a day
  • Fully encrypted at rest and in transit to the data centre
  • Pay for the service in banded levels of Gb, for instance, up to 500GB of backup data

Example 5 – Full Cloud (Desktop as a Service)

Our Azure consultants can migrate all your users to access your company applications, company databases, Office 365 and files from the Azure cloud. You will be fully in the Cloud but all your users will still connect to your systems via their laptops, PCs and mobiles over an internet connection.

All your network infrastructure will be housed on Microsoft Azure hosting.

Then full IT support with our dedicated Help desk and Call-out services from our London-based IT Managed Services team, followed by User Training from our 365 Cloud Academy team.

Example 6 – Fast Internet connection to Office 365 and Azure with ‘Express Route’

Microsoft Azure has a service called Express Route, which is provisioned by some select Internet Service Providers. It essentially gives a business uncontended internet connectivity to the Microsoft Data Centres.

The short summary of what you can get:

Service levelled connectivity

  • Tiered speeds – 50 Mb, 100Mb, 200Mb or more
  • Uncontended internet leased line connection

Two pricing methods

  • Metered where you pay for bandwidth
  • Unmetered giving you unlimited bandwidth

Example 7 – GDPR storage of Personal Identifiable Information (PII)

With GDPR coming into force on May 25th, 2018, we are performing Azure projects for companies that discovers and collects Personal Identifiable Information (PII) and then surfaces that information into Azure with it being indexed and searchable.

  • Blob storage or file server storage to make it indexable and easily searchable
  • Cost effective data storage solution

Example 8 – Hosting of Application Servers

Migrating applications from on-premise SQL Servers to Microsoft Azure SQL Instances.

  • The cost of SQL licensing and the server build/management is included
  • Different storage tiers, HDD or SSD
  • Load your applications on to SQL instances and let Microsoft Manage the servers and provisioning of the SQL instances

Example 9 – Citrix on Azure for remote working

Our Azure project consultants can help virtualise an application and stream it onto your desktop.

  • Citrix Xen App Essentials is used to present your infrastructure and applications
  • Very useful for Line of Business Apps being presented to the desktop

Example 10 – Azure hosting for websites

Websites can be hosted on Microsoft Azure and connected to SQL Instances if there are substantial databases attached, for example with an ecommerce website.

  • Azure SQL as a Service (SQL Instances), much more economic and efficient
  • Lower overheads to manage and Microsoft hosts and manages the underlying infrastructure and patching of the servers

Example 11 – Disaster recovery

TechQuarters Azure Consultancy provides a Disaster Recovery service using Azure Site Recovery (ASR). It will replicate your on-premise server(s) to Azure and enable us to spin these up in the event of a disaster, giving you access to a duplicate site at that time of need.

  • Replicate your infrastructure daily by way of image copying to Azure using ASR
  • Recover your infrastructure in minutes with access to a duplicate on Azure

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