On November 5th Microsoft announced the release of ‘Microsoft 365 Business Voice’ in Canada & the UK! 72% of employees will be remote in some capacity by 2020. This means having access to their business phone on the run is every important. Traditional desk phones limit where and how workers can do their work, limiting their potential impact.

Microsoft Teams Business Voice aims to solve this problem, check out all the details at the video below and if you’d like to learn more, register for our Teams Envisioning event happening in a weeks’ time.

We will be hosting more events around Microsoft Teams in 2020 – keep an eye on our Eventbrite page for updates!

Next webinar session is August 12th at 10am:

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What do your workers need in order to succeed at working from home? Find out about the IT essentials a home working organisation needs.

AGENDA: 10-11 AM

  • Hardware, devices and telephony
  • Collaboration & communications
  • Remote desktop setup
  • Remote working capabilities and practices
  • IT security and secure data practices
  • Q&A

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