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Are you looking for an IT Company that can provide you with Sustainable IT Solutions for your business and teams? Are you wanting to use Sustainable Tech in order to reduce your carbon emissions and your Carbon Footprint as a company? We can help you.

In today’s world – being conscious of your carbon emissions and the impact your company is having on our environment is one of the most important, and helpful, things that you can be doing as a business owner. We all owe it to one another to put the time into ensuring our future is protected and doing our part in helping to care for our environment. The ‘Going Green’ trend has made its way into our businesses, and has many benefits that come along with it.

Sustainable Technology is a term that many businesses are becoming more familiar with, and being a Sustainable Business is now an important value for owners to consider. Are you wondering how you can make a difference by using more Sustainable IT Solutions? At TechQuarters, we’ve moved to a more remote style of working and have recently looked at reducing our own Carbon Footprint, and would love to help your business do the same with our proven Sustainable Tech IT Solutions.

As a Tier-1 Microsoft Gold Partner, we use Microsoft Tools and Products to give you the most accurate snapshot of your current setup and how best to make improvements moving forward.


We are a ‘born in the cloud’ partner of Microsoft’s and have been helping companies easily move to a cloud-based system for a decade and more.


How Do I Find Out My Current Carbon Footprint?

We can provide an assessment of your current IT Setup and give you a full overview of where you stand at the moment – performed using Microsoft Auditing Software, the assessment will allow us to suggest the perfect Tech Solutions that will make the biggest impact to reduce your current carbon emissions and help reduce your company’s carbon footprint all together.

Whether that be through reducing the number of ‘bad’ devices your teams are using, or offsetting your carbon footprint in other ways, we are able to provide you with the right information to make better decisions.

Things like which laptops use less energy, how cloud-based servers help reduce your emissions, and how you could even offset your emissions in other areas of your business like carpooling to work or moving to a more remote style of work setup – we have the knowledge and experience to help implement the right kind of Sustainable IT Solutions for your business.

What Are the Common Levels of Carbon Footprint For Organisations?

Carbon Neutral

Your organization can be carbon neutral by either reducing your emissions or paying to offset emissions. E.g. You may pay to keep trees flourishing and not chopping them down to improve emissions and provide an offset for your organization, in the calculations.

Net Zero

Your organisation is considered to be net-zero, when you remove as much carbon as you emit.

Carbon Negative

And finally, the perfect world is to be carbon negative. This is where you have removed more carbon that you emit as an organization.


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Where Do I Begin?

For starters, going through this process and transformation with the right partner is important.

TechQuarters has a consultancy division that helps audit your present technology, and give you a tailored report to explain what level of footprint you have at present.

Get in touch with us, we would love to help you. Working

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