Have you just moved to Office 365 and are you looking to improve motivation and productivity within your teams, without blowing your budget? We know that training is important for organisations, but we also know it can cost a lot. However, depending on the type of training you choose – it can be an affordable and effective way to educate and empower your employees when it comes to new technology. So we’ve come up with 5 reasons why you should look at an Office 365 video training solution for your users to get to know the latest features of Microsoft 365 and Windows 10.  


 #1 Improve Happiness and motivation of employees  

You can’t keep everyone happy, but you can try! We know that employees want to feel knowledgeable in their field; it plays a significant part in their happiness and development. A study by LinkedIn found that 68% of employees prefer to learn at work and another study by Gallup has found that “opportunities to learn and grow” is one of the top three factors in retaining millennials. So it makes sense as a business to invest in what will keep your employees happy.  Giving employees access to an e-learning system can help improve employee motivation, drive and happiness – as well as providing them with skills to do their job better.  The 365 Cloud Academy Office 365 video training portal contains playlists on all the products for employees to go through. This way they can learn at their own pace and will impact their motivation, as they are wanting to learn new skills and using business applications to the best of their abilities. 

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#2 Save costs when onboarding new employees 

Larger organisations spend a significant amount of money and time training their users. Think about the travel expenses, venue costs (if trained externally), employee time and duration of the training. It’s also not easy to set up in the first place, making sure all the rooms are booked and sorting out resources. Just imagine training 1,000 users across 15 department and making sure everything lines up perfectly – what a nightmare! After all of that hassle, a load of new employees join the company and you have to repeat the whole process again.

We know for many HR Managers or Operations Directors, it’s a hassle to manage. An e-learning system like the 365 Cloud Academy is flexible and easy. All you need to do is tell our team who needs access to the 365 Cloud Academy, and we generate a user login and password for them. It’s takes less than a day to get this sorted and the new employees can get learning straight away.  

Secondly, if you’re looking at operational costs, an e-learning solution is a lot cheaper in comparison to classroom sessions and has better knowledge retention. E-learning is proven to increase knowledge retention by 26%-60% (Corporate eLearning Exploring a New Frontier, WR Hambrecht.) This means that they are actually going to take this knowledge back to their job and put it into practice, rather than dozing off in a classroom remembering nothing. Plus, if you’re worried about users being left to their own devices, our Office 365 video training tracks users progress and puts them into a company leader board. That way Managers can see exactly who (and who hasn’t…) been watching the videos and playlists. That’s why we recommend investing in an e-training solution, as it’s cost effective, flexible for onboarding new employees, gives you the best retention and visibility on uptake.

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#3 Productive Users 

Everyone wants their employees to do their job to the best of their abilities, but it’s impossible if employees face obstacles when it comes to company-wide softwareIf they are not familiar with the everyday applications and features; how can they produce high level of work? You can’t always hire employees who ‘know it all’, however you can employ people with the right attitude and train them up!

Think about how much time users might spend googling how to do something and finding a 10 minute video explaining it. Then imagine another employee googling the same thing, and finding a different article showing them another way to do the same thing! Both of these people could have watched a 20 second video showing them the same exact thing, in a consistent way! The 365 Cloud Academy Office 365 video training are only 15-30 seconds long clips showing users how to use a feature. It’s straight to the point and visual so users can see exactly how to do it when they need it. Secondly, with a company wide e-learning system you know all employees are learning to use software and functions in a consistent way – so you can build processes around these products that will be compatible across departments. 

#4 Up to date, All Encompassing Solution  

We can’t stress how counterproductive it is for organisations to invest in new technology and not train their users on it. There are so many features included in Office 365 and Windows 10 that are designed for specific purpose (often making the user or process more efficient) and most users don’t know about them. Unfortunately, you don’t know what you don’t know! 

That’s where we come in. Nearly all feature included in Office 365 and Windows 10 are designed to make users more productive. With something like our Office 365 video training you’re getting a solution that covers all functions in these products. As a Microsoft Gold Partner, we also get early access to new features and updates so can get to grips with them and make videos on them early – so you know they’ll be ready for you once you also get the update. This ensures your users understand ALL the great productivity features available in Office 365 and Microsoft 365. 


#5 Accessible content for people with disabilities 

We assume you don’t want to be putting off talented potential employees, just because you have limited software and training. Organisations feel a responsibility to train all their users properly, so they can do their job at a high standard. However, there are often limitations with training as it may not always be suitable for people with disabilities. It also is every individual’s prerogative whether they want to disclose their disability or not, so we’d assume you’d agree it’s always best to be prepared  

For example, a new employee has a challenge when it comes to reading or seeing things on their computer. They may not want to disclose this to their Manager, but like anyone – also don’t want to make mistakes. This can lead to a misunderstanding between the Manager and employee. With our Office 365 video training, a user has access to content that shows what accessible features are available in Microsoft 365; and learn how to use it without disclosing their disability. Not only does the 365 Cloud Academy have dedicated playlists on accessible functions in Office 365 and Windows 10, but all videos also have accessible features built into them – such as audio description and subtitles. 

Start Investing 

So, hopefully you’ve come to the conclusion that you really want to invest in Office 365 video training! Every successful business should invest back into their employees because that’s what makes your company successful. We only spoke about 5 benefits of investing in our e-learning solution, but there are of course many more. It’s great for retaining employees and also great for the customers. If you’re employees know exactly what they are doing with Office 365, they’ll be able to support and interact better with your customers. Investing in training is the best decision you can make as there are multiple benefits for the business, the employees and customers. So, don’t think about it too long… 

 If you would like to know more about our Office 365 Video Training solution, you can book your FREE demo. All you have to do is fill out the form below and we will get in touch with you to arrange a time.  

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