Today were going to take on the topic of how to modernise your workplace in four easy steps. Technology moves so fast in recent years that it can be hard to keep up but making sure your business is a modern workplace is essential if you want to maximize efficiency and make the experience as painless as possible for both clients and employees. Modernising your workplace can be daunting but don’t worry TechQuarters and #TQTV are here to help! Chris Dunning, CEO of TechQuarters, has made three minute long videos on how to modernise your workplace in 4 easy steps. TechQuarters also have a modern workplace solution to bring your company in to 2018 so if you need any further help please don’t hesitate to contact our knowledgable team on the contact information provided at the bottom of the page.

Step #1 – Business in a Box

For episode one, we go over the Microsoft solutions that TechQuarters can provide to you to help modernise your workplace. Chris recommends using Microsoft OneDrive and SharePoint for easy, secure and efficient cloud storage that your employees can easily collaborate with each other on and Microsoft Teams which allows your team members to easily communicate with each other, increasing productivity and efficiency.

Step #2 – Flexible Working

Here at TechQuarters, Chris believes it’s important that our staff are able to work flexibly anywhere. Its fundamental that your employees can access their every day tools from wherever and this makes it both easier for your employees and you. Microsoft has various that can do this such as web based versions of Microsoft Office, Teams and SharePoint.

Step #3 – Security

Its becoming more and more clear with recent events that tough security measures are a must have, especially with the new General Data Protection Regulation coming into force in May 2018. TechQuarters and Microsoft offer a variety of services to modernise your business’ security such as EM+S (Enterprise, Mobility + Security). Give us a call for more information on this crucial topic.

Step #4 – Simplified Admin

Administrating all your employees accounts can be tiresome and frustrating if your services are fragmented to different providers meaning different admin panels, passwords and accounts; fortunately though, TechQuarters and Microsoft again have a solution to this problem. Microsoft offers one simple, secure, online admin suite to easily manage all your users, their accounts and your security settings from one place.
Thanks for reading this blog on the four key steps to modernise your workplace. If you’d like to find out more about anything mentioned in the videos or blogs, its free to contact us on the information provided below and our team always has time to modernise your workplace.

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