What makes a bad field support engineer? Businesses in London are always on the search for reliable IT Support. They need support engineers who fix their issues remotely (helpdesk engineers) and onsite (field support engineers), however the quality of service is not always great. We have businesses that come to us with little faith in outsourcing their IT, because they’ve had to deal with unreliable field support engineers in the past. So, we’re here to set the record straight and let you know what you really shouldn’t be dealing, as well as what to expect from a good IT Support provider.

They don’t know your company or infrastructure

Are you getting different person each time a field support engineer comes onsite? Are you having to explain the same problem 100 times? You should be getting the same engineer, or set of engineers, that knows and understands your company. Continuity is so important, so we ensure that engineers are assigned to several specific companies which they will look after.

This is a great benefit for not only us but our customers! Our service is smoother, and our customers are getting proactive IT Support as their engineers know what they are working with. Our engineers will always try to check in with their customers to see if systems are okay or recommend them technology that could suit their business needs.

Field Support Engineers are late to onsite visits

Here’s of an example of a work case scenario you don’t want to happen to you. You’re a corporate sized organisation in the finance sector. Your customers and clients rely on you to have all the information needed in order to provide them the best service, however your sever has gone down and as a result you have lost access to your data.

You’re understandably very stressed, frantic and need a field support engineer down at your site as soon as possible, however they are taking longer to arrive then they should. No one at work can get on with their tasks and they have deadlines to meet – this put pressure on you and you’re having to call up your IT Support provider to see what’s going on.

You rightly expect your field support engineer to be on time and get to work quickly, especially in a priority 1 scenario like this. You also need a Field Support Engineer that is experienced, trained and communicates well so you’re aware of all the steps involved. Here at TechQuarters, we don’t take excuses and we don’t make them – one of our company beliefs is even ‘we are responsible, never shirking our tasks’. Our Management team invest in training our staff, every single field support engineer has been trained on how to manage their time and is targeted on keeping our customers happy.

Field Support Engineers are not so happy to help

Are you dealing with attitude and the eyeroll? Are they doing the bare minimum and you feel they haven’t gone above and beyond? This is a definite no-no! A field support engineer should go above and beyond, with a happy can-do attitude. This makes such a difference to their performance. Your field support engineer has the responsibility of ensuring your network operates consistently and efficiency. They have to thoroughly check all systems and make sure that before they leave, ask if there is anything else you need help with. They should care about your business, your system and want to make sure nothing is left unfinished. They should go the extra mile to put a smile on their customers face.

Here, at TechQuarters we want to understand your business and build a strong relationship with you so you know you can rely on us. We are an extension of your team so keeping customers happy is a huge priority for us. We know that by training our engineers on the little details that our customers will appreciate us that much more, so you’re always getting special treatment.

Start looking around

At this point you may be realising that you haven’t really experienced the best of field support engineers when dealing with your current support provider. They don’t have good policies in place to ensure their field support engineers are fixing problems quickly and professionally. We recommend when searching for an IT support provider, read their google reviews and look at their customer case studies to see what their customers are saying about the service. You need to get an insight into the company before you consider changing providers.

If you’re looking for an IT Support provider based in Soho, London Bridge and Vauxhall – we can offer you fixed price per month IT Support that can help support your business. Click here for more information.

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