The Perfect ‘Working from Home’ Package

TechQuarters has put together the perfect suite of products and services to meet the needs of all types of users, in a ‘working from home’ environment. Pick and mix from our top 10 services below, ranging from Economy to VIP user.

1. IT laptops, screens and docking stations

Economy User

Home machine e.g. temp staff 

IT Equipment 1

Standard User

Entry level work laptop & screen

IT Equipment 3

Power User

 Mid range laptop, 2 x screens & docking station

IT Equipment 2

VIP User

High end laptop, 2 x screens, docking station & accessories

IT Equipment 4

2. Internet connectivity and WiFi

We have an extensive network of UK wide ISP’s, which enables us to spec and install new internet lines ranging from broadband, to fibre to leased lines. In addition to this, we have expertise with Wi-Fi access points and boosters for those tricky places that need to receive internet in your property.

IT support London time saving icon

3. Telephony

The de facto standard to enable working from home to succeed is a business grade teleconferencing system such as Microsoft Teams. It needs to be reliable and func