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Overcoming generational and cultural gaps is important now more than ever, it’s important for an organisation to overcome this issue in order to maintain a global workforce.Global Workforce

As there is a growing number of millennials in the workplace, the younger generations have biases on technical expertise, and are, in many cases, more tech-savvy than the generation above. The big question is ‘do millennials and baby boomers want the same thing?’. Well, it is undoubtable that they have grown up in very different worlds, however, they both want to be valued and rewarded. To create a global workforce, team members need to be able to share ideas and communicate regardless of age, culture, location. They need to have a connected sense of purpose.

Organisations have a responsibility to get team members to trust each other as they are on a joint journey to innovate and provide quality services to their customers.

How do you drive engagement within your organisations?

There are many applications in Office 365 that enable users to communicate with their team and collaborate. Microsoft Teams and Yammer are great tools for a global workforce.

Microsoft Teams – Microsoft Teams is a great collaboration tool enabling users to chat and collaborate digitally. Microsoft Teams also integrates with other application such as Planner, PowerBI and many more. This enables users to work together by editing documents within teams- a great way to drive engagement within your teams on a global scale.

Yammer – This application enables users to share their personal moments, share important announcements and they can even create polls to make quick decisions.

Click here to watch a video on how to attach a file to a message in Microsoft Teams.

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