Microsoft OneNote is designed to gather information and allow for multi-user collaboration on a single platform. Microsoft are consistently updating this programme to create an even smoother experience for OneNote users. If you do not already have this application you’re missing out!

OneNote allows users to pull documents from various programmes, allows you to share documents with other OneNote users and create a variety of notes for different purposes.

Who can use Microsoft OneNote?

Microsoft OneNote can be used for educational purposes. Students can create revision notes to remain organised and can work in groups on one document, getting the job done faster. OneNote can also be used for meeting purposes; users can quickly jot information down rather than handwriting notes (which is great if you have messy handwriting).

Microsoft OneNote

Best features of Microsoft OneNote

Microsoft OneNote users can also insert documents from applications such as Word and Excel, allowing them to compare documents on one page which is terrific! This saves a lot of time and energy as users are not constantly switching through applications.

One of the most popular features of OneNote is being able to create and check off lists. Users can also download the mobile application to use this feature on the go which is so convenient.

Another great feature allows you to insert online pictures and videos into a Note. This tools allows OneNote users to access related online content without having to switch applications. Users can type notes next to the video or images if necessary.


Microsoft OneNote Microsoft OneNote

Customising the layout of your OneNote is also another key feature aimed at simplifying your workload by supporting everyone’s organisational preferences. Users can add ruled lines, highlight content and draw on the page to create amazing diagrams, revision notes, or personalised drawings.

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