In this video in our IT Support series, Chris, our CEO & Founder, talks about false promises from engineers and how your IT partner should be organised to avoid miscommunication. Check out the video or read the transcript below, then if you are interested in our IT Support service – our contacts details are at the bottom as well.

When you outsource your IT support service, you’ll be asking to query them on false promises from engineers.

Let’s take an example, your user calls up the engineer and the engineer says: “ooh yes, I need to investigate this. I’ll come back to you” and then it’s 2 hours later, it’s perhaps the next day, and you’re wondering whether or not that case has floated off into the ether and if anybody’s looking at it for you!

Well the key way around that is to make sure that the system logs a helpdesk ticket in it and sends you an email with a Call Reference ID. It’s also important that the actual helpdesk service has a Support Manager and Team Leaders in place, because you’d want to escalate those cases to them if it’s taking too long to fix.

So it’s about having the right structure on the helpdesk, but also having a good support system in place and your users being able to get Call Reference IDs for every time they log a case with the Support company.

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