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In this video in our IT Support breakdown series, our CEO and Founder, Chris, talks about the importance of engineer communication and ensuring your IT Support providers helpdesk staff won’t just talk to you and your users in technical language that you don’t understand! Watch the video or read the transcript below, then if you are interested in hearing more about our support service – visit our full support page here.

Transcript of Engineer Communication Video:

When you’re looking to outsource your IT support service it’s so important to check out the engineers at that organisation; and whether or not they’re actually going to communicate to you in the proper English language and not bits and bytes!

And what we mean by that is actually if you log a call with an engineer and you try to explain what the problem, is they need to interpret that and work with you and talk to you in the right way – and you definitely don’t want to have engineers that talk to you in bits and bytes that you just literally don’t understand and it seems quite patronising.

So why not put a test call into that company, why not try them out on a particular support ticket and see how you get on with their engineers and whether or not you enjoy talking to them?