Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation is synonymous with increasing the efficiency, productivity and profitability of your business.

Digital transformation involves implementing a combination of IT services and solutions that enable your users to work flexibly, securely and without limitations from outdated technology.

Some of the key services used in digitally transforming your business can include Azure data hosting, Microsoft 365 and Skype for Business implementations, device management, IT support and on-going user training with the TechQuarters 365 Cloud Academy.

Utilizing the array of business technologies on offer, we specialise in helping you select the best combination for your business with our Digital Transformation service – Digitize.

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Your digital transformation solution

TechQuarters has a unique end-to-end solution called Digitize. It guides and supports organizations on a planned and systematic journey to digital transformation.

What sets Digitize apart from other transformational solutions is our meticulous audit and scoping processes, detailed cloud roadmaps, proactive recommendations and on-going user training.

The Digitize Steps

Step 1. – Explore

This stage introduces clients to some of the many solutions, services, hardware and training options TechQuarters offers that can help digitally transform your business.

In step one of Digitize we strive to give clients an insight into the vast array of digital transformation options available, as early in the process as possible. We achieve this through our online posts, blogs and videos, our downloadable whitepapers and guides, and our monthly seminars and workshops – often co-hosted with Microsoft.

We also invite clients to demo and try out some of the latest hardware and technology in our Cloud Vision Room in Vauxhall in London, and set them up with free 30-day trial of Office 365 and 365 Cloud Academy training.

Step 2. – Recommendation and Selection

In step 2 of Digitize TechQuarters Cloud Consultants visit the client site and carry out a detailed audit of the current infrastructure and technologies.

Our consultants will then make recommendations and discuss technology options with the client, before presenting a formal cloud roadmap strategy document. This document will outline how we will move you to the cloud and how we propose to digitally transform your business over the next 3 years.

After taking clients through the cloud roadmap we then produce an official proposal with costings for the client to sign off.

Step 3. – Implementation

During the implementation stage our cloud architects will rollout the selected applications and services including Microsoft 365, Enterprise Mobility Security, as well as moving some or all of your data to Microsoft Azure hosting.

Step 4. – Support and Training

During this stage, we help support your users to get up and running on all the newly implemented technologies and applications.

Our IT Helpdesk is manned with personable, skilled engineers who answer calls directly and are able to remote onto machines to fix problems immediately.

Each client is assigned a dedicated account manager who visits monthly, to gain a better understanding of each businesses’ requirements and to provide further solution and technology recommendations, to ensure clients continue their digital transformation journey.

Our last arm of support comes in the form of our user training; the 365 Cloud Academy. It was designed specifically to help all your users easily adopt the technology, so you get a good return on your investment.

We have found our unique user training system is vital to ensuring the success of your digital transformation project.

The 365 Cloud Academy combines classroom training, VIP one-to-one sessions and access to our unique e-learning platform that contains 1,400+ short one minute videos on all aspects of the Microsoft Cloud solutions.

It also comes with a downloadable app for phones that allows your users to learn on the go or simply have a handy knowledge base about how to use the Cloud apps.

Step 5. – Cloud Roadmap update

The final stage involves an annual business review with your dedicated account manager. Throughout the year you will have met with them on a regular basis to ensure your systems and users are on track with using the systems fully, working faster and smarter.

On an annual basis we will audit your systems again and update your 3 year Cloud Roadmap as new technologies are released. With the advent of the Cloud, changes and additions are frequent to productivity tools and understanding how you can harness them for your business is paramount so you don’t get left behind.


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