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What are the different types of learners?

When it comes to training methods, it’s important to know the different ways in which people learn and retain information. Training methods should be adjusted to the different types of learners to ensure they have the best experience.

According to Tech News, the different learning styles varies, a typical classroom will contain 20% Visual Learners, 25% auditory learners, 15% kinaesthetic learner and the remaining 30% consisting of students with mixed learning styles. This is an interesting statistic that supports that learning methods should cater to all types of learners.

Visual Learners

This type of learner learns by associating information with an image or diagram. They like referring to diagrams, charts or graphs to represent information. Visual learners usually like to colour code information and translate information to visual data, so they can understand it better and remember it.

Auditor Learners

An auditory Learner prefers to listen to information rather than reading or seeing it displayed. They tend to be linear thinking and may repeat information several times to remember what they had just learned.

Kinesthetic Learners

This type of learner is also known as the ‘hands on’ learner, they learn best by practising and doing. A kinesthetic learner usually will enjoy building, making or creating as it gives them the opportunity to solve problems.

Intrapersonal Learners

This is also known as Reading and Writing Leaners; this type of learner interacts with written text in comparison to images. This type of learner prefers to have written directions and loves to make lists. The best way for this learner to retain information is to rewrite ideas in their own words and use a printout of presentations to help guide them and lastly review class notes.


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