How can Azure benefit the Legal Sector?

Microsoft Azure can be especially beneficial to the legal sector as it tackles issues that are unique to the industry – such as handling large amounts of customer personal data, being accessible on the go and being able to hosts specialist software’s e.g. document or case management software.
TechQuarters 6 step solution called Azure Evolve can help any legal business to grow, maintain business continuity and meet compliance needs. We will hold your hand during this process, helping you with the onboarding process and implementation phase. Firstly, let’s see why Microsoft Azure is a perfect fit for the legal sector?

Fastest Cloud Solution

In the legal sector, business owners and employees are constantly under pressure, it’s important to keep the business going and keeping users happy. Microsoft Azure is the fastest cloud solution when it comes to deployment, operation and speed of scalability so if you require more space, you can upgrade. The benefit is that the firm will not suffer from downtime or disruption, so lawyers can continue working on cases and meeting client expectations. Happy lawyers mean happy clients!

Microsoft Azure tackles Cyber-Security

General Data Protection Regulation has been around for some time now and it’s important for organisations to have a solid process in place when it comes to data management and storage. One of the main issues the legal sector faces is that they struggle with managing or store data securely, as they are constantly working on personal cases and require a vast amount of client information to, of course, win!

Let’s think about the vast amount of PII data lawyers will hold of their clients, for example, their Birth Certificate, UK Government Security Classifications and more. It’s important for law firms to understand the risks of losing such privileged information so it should be a priority, however, as an IT Business, we want to take the headache of the director’s hand. Microsoft Azure can give them the reassurance and stability they need when it comes to growth, continuity and security.

Microsoft Azure meets compliance needs for the legal sector as it enables firms to have a business-driven model giving them less time to worry about security, compliance and cyber-attacks. Legal businesses can focus on growth rather than data leakage, data loss or theft. However, it’s still important that data being collected by legal firms are closely monitored and meet regulatory standards. Microsoft Azure is reliable and will significantly reduce the chances of a data breach, data loss or data theft.

Microsoft Azure tackles Outdated Systems

We’ve seen many law firms also struggle with outdated systems. They require new, improved software’s and applications to help them become more productive and efficient, however, don’t want to spend too much. Microsoft Azure can enable users to have the fastest, accessible software’s built or stored on Azure, on a pay monthly subscription. Microsoft Azure enables users to have everything and more for a low cost. In addition, it can help reduce billables with new systems that make users work smarter.

Microsoft Azure & Business Continuity

We see that many law firms use case management software’s like Lexis and Elite to manage their cases. Microsoft Azure can host these management software’s and enable users to work from the Cloud and secure the data. Law firms that use the right technology to do everything are more productive and efficient. This will help lawyers to focus on relationships with your clients, meeting their needs and making it easier for them to communicate with your clients.


If you want to know more about Microsoft Azure and how it can help your legal business contact us – check out our IT Services for the Legal Sector page, or call on 0800 148 8001 or email

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