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Case study: Alpha FX

Windows Virtual Desktop Migration & Setup

“The team at TechQuarters got the job done in a short period of time and allowed us to roll out in less than a week.”

James Block – Project Manager, Alpha FX

Company: Alpha FX

Sector: Financial Services

The Scenario

Alpha FX are a 120 user financial services company that help corporates and institutions more effectively manage currency. They were looking for a solution that would allow employees to work from home during a critical time. They also wanted to make sure it was secure and company data was not at risk, but also scalable as the home working situation for all users was not intended to be permenant.

How TechQuarters helped

TechQuarters recommended and implemented Windows Virtual Desktop as a solution. This solution combines the benefits of Microsoft 365 and Azure to deliver a virtualised desktop for each user that ensures they can access their desktop and apps, as if they are in the office, from any device

To control and lock down security and traffic, all internet traffic was directed to go via their local firewall. The turnaround of this solution was extremely fast, with the whole system being implemented and up and running in a matter of days.

The Results

The outcome of this project was a quick implementation of a cost effective remote working solution, that can be easily scaled as required. Alpha FX benefit from Microsoft enterprise grade security, a unified desktop for all users and the fast implementation of a reliable and robust working from home infrastructure.

What Alpha FX said

“After the successful move to Azure AD last year we were in the perfect position to take advantage of the Windows Virtual Desktop solution when our workforce was forced to work from home. The Team at TechQuarters got the job done in a short period of time and allowed us to roll out in less than a week. It is one more weapon in our arsenal to allow our business to continue without disruption while upholding strict information security standards. Thanks TQ!”

James Block – Project Manager, Alpha FX

Alpha FX – Services / Solutions implemented:

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