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In this video in our IT Support series, Chris, our CEO & Founder, talks about he important of company culture when looking for an IT partner. Check out the video or read the transcript below, then if you are interested in our IT Support service – our contacts details are at the bottom as well.

When you’re looking to outsource your IT support service to a local IT partner one of the key considerations is what’s the culture in that IT partner? Is it a healthy one? Is it fun? Does it bind the whole business together?

Some key things to look out for there are whether or not the engineers are rotating at all, you know, they’ve got good staff retention. S they’ve got good plans, good training plans, they’re paid well they’re reporting into the right managers the managers have been there 5+ years and so, that binds the whole of the organisation together.

But it’s also important to see that the Account Managers, and the Projects Team all work well together and they have good collaboration systems. You’ll be able to tell pretty quickly when you talk to these people whether or not they’re happy in that environment. If they are that means all your users, when they call up they’re gonna get great, happy support helpdesk fixes and enjoy working with you in a partnership

Culture is absolutely key.