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A Hybrid Cloud Solution is a perfect step into the Cloud for most organisations. It gives you the best of both worlds, having existing local networks combined into Office 365 or servers set up in Microsoft Cloud data centres.

What is it?

Your organisation probably has a local network in place and you may have heard about the ‘Cloud’ and how you could use it.
Hybrid Cloud is simply a way to get the benefit of Microsoft Cloud Solutions and connect them into your existing IT network, and then select which parts you like and weave them in.

It could be Microsoft Office 365 connected into your systems for personal user storage with Microsoft OneDrive, company storage with Microsoft SharePoint. It could be using tools to get your staff working faster and easier together, such as Skype for Business telephone and conferencing systems.

There are also many applications within Office 365 that deliver an average 30 minutes of time saving per user per day, that you may not have even heard about yet.

The old server in your office, taking up space, burning electricity bills and seeming like it might keel over any minute could be very easily migrated onto Microsoft Azure servers, with all users connected to it through icons on their desktop.

For users the transition would be seamless with minimal change, and you get the benefit of cost savings and reduced IT hassles, as Microsoft manage the underlying infrastructure.

If you are responsible for IT and simply want to extend your network to Microsoft Azure and test it out, TechQuarters can help with that as well.

How does it work?

The first step is for one of our Cloud Architects to perform an audit of your network infrastructure. Their objective will be to assess the age of hardware, software applications and operating systems being used, processes such as collaboration, communication and general data access.

A report is generated called a Cloud Roadmap that describes the Hybrid Cloud solution that will be specific to your environment, including infrastructure, costs for changes and improvements.

Typically, we see a move for organizations to Office 365, implementation of better security products such as Enterprise Mobility Suite, the usage of Microsoft Azure for server hosting, storage, backup and disaster recovery services.

Many organizations find that working from a Hybrid Cloud environment gives them a perfect step into the Cloud with lower setup fees, faster working and utilization of local systems that have already been purchased, so you get the most use out of the Cloud and your existing systems.


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  • Receive invaluable Cloud advice from the TechQuarters experts
  • Design a network that works for you and your organisation
  • Connect up Microsoft Cloud solutions such as Office 365 to your network
  • Migrate a tired old server to the Microsoft Cloud
  • Ensure your backups work to provide business continuity
  • Improve your organisations. communication with the power of Skype systems

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