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Many organisations have moved some of their workloads into the Cloud already, maybe to their own co-located rack within a data centre or to a multi-tenanted space.

Moving some or all of the servers, applications or just file storage to Microsoft Azure hosting delivers cost reductions together with high levels of security and reliability for future proofing your business.

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Our 6 step process to the Cloud

How does it work?

With our Data Centre Assessment tools, TechQuarters can quickly ascertain what can be migrated to Microsoft Azure and discuss the findings with you to plan the migration and risk mitigation.

We can schedule a proof of concept with a small part of your estate being test migrated to Azure, so you can quickly see the cost benefits that can be realised.

Once you have migrated workload(s) to Azure, we can provide you with Azure Data Centre Support from our Specialist Services team, who provide advice and fix related queries on your Azure hosted infrastructure.

What is it?

TechQuarters can help migrate your workloads that reside in non-Microsoft data centres to Microsoft Azure Data Centres.

You may currently have workloads residing on co-located equipment that is in need of upgrading, which will involve short-term expenditure and an increasing level of support costs.

Typical workloads for migration would be virtual machine(s), storage and legacy Windows applications.

Top reasons for migrations to Azure


  • Moving from Capex to Opex
  • Modernize the Domain
  • Lower support and management overhead


  • New capabilities (e.g. Analytics, scalability)
  • Build and deploy quicker

Security and compliance

  • Regulatory compliance requirements
  • Modern security, protecting against threats
  • Business continuity


  • Expiring hosting contracts
  • End of support on Software
  • Hardware needs upgrading


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You are probably running some virtual machines, servers, database instances, applications or just general file storage within another data centre. TechQuarters can help you migrate this infrastructure to Microsoft Azure.

We normally start by loading our tools on to the present data centre to perform a Cloud Readiness Assessment for Azure. This will indicate the cost benefits and the detailed plan to move everything to Azure.

There are typically two ways to migrate. The first is to build and spin up new infrastructure then copy the data over, the second is a lift and shift services, which copies the Virtual Machines over to Azure.

It is very straightforward for us to run a proof of concept (PoC) for a minimal cost and if you decide to migrate, the roll-back scenario delivers minimal risk.

Our Data Centre Migration service is fully scalable and as a starting point it is quite easy to simply scale out some existing services to Azure for test purposes.

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