Application Hosting (SQL Server Modernisation)

A robust, reliable and supported infrastructure on modern SQL


If you have Line of Business Applications that presently sit on SQL Server(s), they can be migrated to sit on Microsoft Azure SQL Instances and streamed to the desktop.

This gives you not only a cost saving on licenses but also management and support services.

What is it?

Microsoft has built SQL instances on Azure as a Platform as a Service (PaaS) offering. It is useful for organisations that have server(s) on their premises hosting Line of Business (LOB) applications.

Their server(s) need managing, patching, supporting and more than likely upgrading in the near future, representing a potentially significant overhead to the business.

How does it work?

The application is installed remotely on top of an SQL Instance, provisioned in Microsoft Azure. This would then be published to the user by means of a web browser or a remote app capability using Citrix on Azure.

For example – Sage Line 50 or Line 200 that is installed on top of SQL Server.

This server could be decommissioned and the application moved on to an SQL Instance in Microsoft Azure. It could then be access via an Azure Web service or Citrix on Azure. The user would either have an icon on their desktop that connects to the application on the SQL instance or through a web browser.

A modernisation project will provide an organisation with the following:

  1. Reduced number of SQL Servers – If you have more than one SQL Server, up to 80% reduction using the latest MS SQL technology. There is no need to have dedicated servers for specific applications
  2. Instant recovery with near minutes RPO/RTOs – Optimised and fully testable recovery for individual databases (and therefore Line of Business services)
  3. Reduced Licensing Spend – By consolidating, you don’t need to buy as many SQL servers as before
  4. Reduced Infrastructure Spend – You will use less rack space, fewer servers and storage and have fewer Virtualisation / Network / Datacentre costs
  5. Lower Support / DBA costs – With a standardised environment and tech, you’ll need fewer DBAs with more automated and optimised processes for maintenance
  6. Faster Provisioning – Deploy databases in a quicker and more manageable way
  7. Visibility – Understand what the current and future state of your data platform requires, allowing you to more accurately predict OPEX and CAPEX costs


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TechQuarters will assign a Cloud Architect to your business who will scope out the Line of Business Application, which version of SQL it is running on and perform an SQL Azure Readiness Assessment on your present infrastructure.

Once this has been done, they will estimate the service platform costs and provide you with a detailed plan as to how the migration would look.

We will then ascertain your approval and schedule in the migration, hosting and presentation work, so you can communicate the changes to all users ahead of time and deliver a robust, reliable and supported infrastructure on modern SQL.

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