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Are you concerned about problems you might come across if you move to a remote working style? Are you worried that technology is affecting the agility of your workforce? Perhaps you’re looking to introduce new technology company-wide, but concerned with the logistics of rollout?

At TechQuarters, our uniquely developed Desktop as a Service Offering is the perfect solution for those who are thinking of adopting more remote or hybrid ways of working. We save you time, money, and reduce downtime through the use of our Desktop as a Service Solutions.

Our Desktop as a Service offers:

  • Initial fast migration to Azure-hosted infrastructure
  • Windows 10 + Office applications
  • Multi-session remote desktops
  • Remote new user setup
  • Secured user access via WVD client
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In this day and age, there are many reasons that your colleagues and employees might not all be based in one office. Whether you have field workers whose work takes them to many places in one day, or you’re a distributed company with employees spread across the globe, users should be equipped with the technology to enable this type of work. Desktop as a Service (DaaS) is an ideal solution for remote and distributed workforces – the way it works is that a desktop service, and potentially virtual applications, are hosted in the Cloud, and delivers them via internet connection your end-users’ devices. This model negates the need for lengthy downloads and installations of operating systems and applications – all the infrastructure is based in the cloud, and you simply need to access it via a portal or client that connects to the cloud environment.

Here at TechQuarters, we implement Windows Virtual Desktop (or ‘WVD’) for our customers – this is Microsoft’s Desktop as a Service that delivers Windows 10 sessions using Microsoft Azure. WVD is the only multi-session Windows 10 remote desktop experience, which means that a single Windows 10 license can be used to deliver virtual desktop experiences to multiple users at once, which is highly cost-effective. Users can connect to a Windows 10 desktop in the cloud, and use it just as they would a local install. Better yet, Windows Virtual Desktop has several security advantages over local desktops, especially in the context of employees using BYOD computers.

Why choose TechQuarters for Desktop as a Service?

There are several Desktop as a Service solutions out there, but if you are looking to provide users with Windows 10, then there is no better service than Windows Virtual Desktop in particular, and you will find no better partner help implement it than TechQuarters.

TechQuarters are a Tier 1 Cloud Solution Provider, and a Microsoft Gold Partner, which means that we are one of the most trusted providers of Microsoft Cloud products in the UK. Our Cloud Architects are adept at setting up WVD for a quick turnaround. An example of this is one of our existing customers, when forced to begin working from home, commissioned us to implement Windows Virtual Desktop for them, and we enabled them to roll out the service to their users in less than a week.