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Windows Server IT Support

Do you struggle to get the right Windows Server support when things go wrong? Are you concerned that your current IT support service is not optimised for server support? Perhaps you’re looking for a dedicated server support helpdesk?

At TechQuarters, our specially developed Windows Server IT Support Offering ensures your users have direct access to reliable support technicians. We provide dedicated monitoring and management of your Windows Server and are here to provide support whenever it is needed.

Our Windows Server Support service includes:

  • Cases logged with specialist helpdesk by your IT team
  • Dedicated proactive Account Management
  • New Technology Advice
  • Access to advanced Microsoft Support
  • Cost effective fixed monthly fee
Windows Server IT Support

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Windows Server is the brand name for Microsoft’s line of server operating systems. It has been around since Windows Server 2003, with Windows Server 2019 as the latest version, and Windows Server 2022 currently in preview.

With today’s technology trends, there are a lot of different server configurations your company might be working with. For example, you might have on-premise physical servers, running on the Windows Server software; or you might be working with Windows Server in Azure.

Servers are an important aspect of many businesses, and they need support just like every other part of your IT infrastructure. You might feel like you’re looking for an IT Support service that can handle your servers.

This is why TechQuarters offer our IT Support service for Windows Server. We have a specialist helpdesk dedicated to the support and management of Windows Server, Azure Virtual Servers, and Virtual Machines.

The helpdesk is comprised of experienced technical engineers who are trained and accredited in Azure and Windows Server support. Our Windows Server Support is ideal for both on-premise, and virtualised servers.

Why choose TechQuarters for your Windows Server IT Support?

TechQuarters are a Microsoft Gold Partner, and a Tier 1 Cloud Solution Provider. This means that we are highly trusted by both Microsoft and by our customers. This is evident by the customer testimonials we have received, and by our exceptional customer satisfaction score.

As a Microsoft Partner, you can guarantee that we are using all Microsoft products ourselves, and we have been doing so since 2010. We’ve seen 4 generations of the Windows Server operation system released in our time, and the entire lifetime of Microsoft Azure, so you can be sure that we know these products inside and out.

If you’re interested in our IT Support for Windows Server, do not hesitate to contact us to discuss the possibilities.