Change Management

TechQuarters Change Management service is designed to help all your users better understand the Microsoft 365 applications, utilising our A.I e-learning training systems.

Just investing in a training programme and leaving people to use it is often a risk. People learn in different ways, need motivation and structure.

Our Change Management service starts with our A.I e-learning training systems, but continues messaging and communications across several months to reinforce this knowledge and highlight user stats and analytics to department heads to help with accountability.

Staged Training Plan:

Step 1: Initial planning period

  • Meeting with Heads of each area
  • Discuss and agree the training schedule
  • Discuss product group campaigns and the training timeframes
  • Agree planned activity and follow up with a Teams/Skype meeting
  • Demo the tool kit
  • Manage the training A.I. bot rolloutt

    Step 2: Monthly activity for the next 6 months

    • Kick off webinar to all users
    • Initiate email for top tip videos of the week by department
    • Present usage reports to the Heads of each area on a monthly basis
    • Send report to Heads, detailing progress of users
    • Call with Heads or Department Sponsors about progress

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    Benefits of Change Management

    Productive Workforce

    Productive Workforce

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    Improved Staff Morale

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    Competitive Advantage