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Case study: Holland Mountain

Service Offered: Remote IT Support

Company: Holland Mountain

Sector: Financial Services

holland mountain

The Scenario

Holland Mountain Ltd. are a Venture Capital and Private Equity specialist – with the recent changes in their working structure, they needed to outsource their IT Support to something that was remotely based and had better security. Due to the highly confidential and private information they deal with, there were certain regulations and settings that they required on hardware and devices so that they can always ensure safety of their data but still allow their staff to work freely and on whatever device they choose. As there would be more people working from home, their phone systems needed some additional work and upgrades as well.


How TechQuarters helped

Holland Mountain Ltd. came to TechQuarters looking for more IT Support in general – their Operations Manager was handling all of their IT needs and it just wasn’t working out anymore. They were looking to save costs and give their Operations Manager some of her time back, a Remote IT Support option looked to be the best fit.

One of the ways in which we helped Holland Mountain Ltd. was in terms of their overall security device management needs. They required specific mobile device managements which regulated which documents you were allowed to download, how many times your password can be entered, and such.

With regards to their phone systems, we implemented Microsoft Business Voice as a telephony solution. This allowed for better communication and collaboration cross the different channels and increased their teams efficiency in regards to working remotely.


The Results

The move to Remote Support not only ended up saving Holland Mountain Ltd. money but also helped their teams to focus on what it is that they do and get back to what it is they love. The company felt more secure knowing that restrictions were in place to protect their data, and their staff had the proper IT Support on-call to help them with IT issues at any time of the day

Holland Mountain implemented:

  • Microsoft Business Voice
  • Device Management
  • InTune
  • SharePoint setup


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