So, we’ve established that it’s quite popular but what else? Why is everyone raving about Teams? Well recently, Microsoft Teams released new functions to make it easier for users to instant message, collaborate and communicate. We’re excited to share these features as it’s going to help organisations modernise their workplace with new style communication and collaboration.

Also, the other obvious reason is …Skype for Business is no more for new Microsoft 365 sign ups. We’re not sad because Microsoft Teams is best communication tool out there, in the market! Skype for Business users have no choice but to transfer onto teams but it’s for our own good, I promise!

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‘The single biggest problem is in communication is the illusion that it has taken place’’ – George Bernade Shaw

If you want your business to be successful, then improving communication will help increase your chances. Users will find that Teams will reduce miscommunication, increase collaborative work and get things done in a more efficient manner. It’s a win for everyone. It’s designed to be easy, aesthetically pleasing and fun. Honestly, here at TechQuarters, every single department utilises Teams and in a unique way.

Overall, a great must have business tool. Right, so let’s get down to the best features of Microsoft Teams;

Search Bar Function

Users can search directly into Microsoft Teams Search function & type a message to their team mates instantly. This is a great function, because you don’t have to switch between tabs to send a message, you can do it regardless of what tab you may be in which saves time having to click around.

Search Bar - Microsoft Teams

As you can see here, you just type a quick message to a college, make sure to @ the user then allowing you to converse with them.

Record Meetings

Users who have been using Skype for Business previously will understand the benefits of recording online meetings. For those of us who are new to video conferencing, lets look at the benefits in detail.

Microsoft Teams - Record Skype Meeting Feature
Firstly, if users are logged onto an online training session, the best thing to do is record the meeting and listen to it later to pick up on details you may have missed or to reinforce that learning.
Recording meetings can help our fellow note takers to jot down every single detail in case they missed important information or actions. It’s natural for note takers to miss a few points, so this feature will enable them to pause the recording without having to disrupt the flow of conversation.
Lastly, if users are away on holiday or on sick leave and they missed important meetings, they don’t have to worry being out of the loop. With a backlog of recordings to reference, it’s almost as if the user wasn’t on holiday or on sick leave, which is great!

How to record meetings in Microsoft Teams? Well, it’s simple. Go to meeting controls, click on more and then click onto ‘start recording’ and the same process followers if you want to stop the recording.

Blur Background Feature

Blur Background Feature

This feature we are excited to talk about; and that is the is the background blur feature. This feature is optional, but we highly recommend it. It enables users to blur features, so they can;

• Protects identify of people in the background
• Looks professional
• Enable users to have meeting in public spaces
• Users don’t get distracted by what’s happening in the background
• Blurs out computer screens or PII data that may be in the background

GIFs Feature

If you’re a fan of GIFs & famous memes, then you’re going to love this feature because it’s a great fun way of communicating. It’s easy to use this feature, all you have to do is click on the chat tab, then on the chat box, select the GIF icon and search for a GIF that’s relevant. Here’s a great example from the Marketing team, it’s just a nice way of communicating and encourage team bonding when staff may be separated or in different locations.

For more on the benefits of Microsoft Teams, watch this video.

MS Teams

Microsoft Teams Training

Teams is designed to be a simple application; however, training is vital to make sure users get the most out of it. It’s extra important for Admin users who manage this application for internal users, they need to train so they can manage Teams in a way that’s suitable for the organisation and also to handle any queries.

If you’re looking to train your users on Teams, then be sure to visit to learn more about the courses, and different types of training styles available.

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