Are you considering Microsoft 365 and want to know how it can impact your business when it comes to security? We regularly work with organisations who are looking for a reliable security system, that won’t break the bank. They’re after a system that was secure, reliable and cost saving. With Microsoft 365 security features, you can make a real cost saving as it includes everything you need to run your business. It has the essential everyday business applications in Office 365, a reliable operating system with Windows 10 and security through Enterprise Mobility + Security. An end to end solution for your users that creates a secure digital work environment with everything you need, so you can actual focus on what’s important – making your customers happy.  

Can you save costs with Microsoft 365 Security Features?  

Are you struggling with savings costs when it comes to a reliable security solution? Security can be pretty expensive, but unfortunately you need it. Luckily Microsoft 365 security features include two step user logins as standard, document policies, threat protection, data loss prevention and much more – all included in the cost of the license! This means alongside your great Office 365 business apps, such as Microsoft Teams for teamwork and collaboration, you also get amazing security features and you don’t have to invest in another outside security product. This will not only save you costs but improve efficiency within your business and consolidate your IT bill, meaning you’re getting a return on your investment.  

It’s also a single price per user per month which is fantastic. The solution is easily scalable and quick to implement, so you don’t need to worry about the stress that comes with organising IT for new users in a growing business. If you do worry about rapid growth and on-boarding new users, TechQuarters can also help train your staff on the best productivity features included in Microsoft 365 so they can start utilising the features and working securely.


How can you control company data with the Microsoft 365 Security Features 

Do you have complete control over your company data? Most organisations want to say yes but deep down…they know they can do more! Having a secure system is not just about stopping outside threats from coming in, but ensuring internal people only have access to important data if they really need it. 

Microsoft 365 security features enable you to control who has access to company data and folders internally. This is done by setting permission levels in the Microsoft 365 admin centre and has the capability to easily add and remove users. You can even control who has access within the business down to the specific document, which is called document policies. For example a Business Development Executive wants to access financial records of their clients, so the company sets permissions so they are only able to access documents they need to view. They can then set permissions for Financial Directors or Head of Business Development to have access to all documents. This is great as its limiting the risks of data being moved and lost or edited unnecessarily. We always recommend our customers set document permissions to protect internal company data, and with Microsoft 365 it’s pretty simple to do. Employees should only have access to data they need every day to do their job.  

Another benefit of controlling where data goes in your organisation is making sure it doesn’t get in the wrong hands. Microsoft 365 security features can ensure your important documents won’t be sent to third party unless authorised. For example, you shouldn’t be able to e-mail someone outside the company financial records, unless you are in the Finance teamMicrosoft 365 security features mean Admin users are notified if this was to happen and they’re able to protect the document via Admin Centre. They can also set permissions so the data can’t be shared externally at all unless authorised.  


How can you keep your e-mails clean?  

Are you worried that your users could accidently click on a malicious link and install a virus which could put company at risk? Have you thought about a solution that helps clean mailboxes automatically, before an email even reaches you? 

Not only is it frustrating to receive spam in your e-mail, but having to worry about employees clicking on a malicious link (we’ve all been there) putting their account and everyone else’s at risk. This problem can easily be solved. Microsoft 365 ensures no spam or malware reaches the mailbox with Advanced Threat Protection, reducing the risk of an employee receiving an e-mail and clicking on a link which downloads malware onto their PC. This helps keep your inbox clean so you can focus on the e-mails that really matter. 

How to protect data stored on personal devices with Microsoft 365 

It’s a common practice that employees use their personal mobile devices to access company data. In most cases, employees who are constantly on the go or are remote working will need to be able access their accounts. However, with this responsibility, there is also risk. If the device is lost or stolen, it can still be accessed. Microsoft 365 security features enable you to remote wipe data from lost or stolen devices, so that no third party has access to company data. This is very important, because most employees carry client information in their email and with GDPR – we don’t want to make that mistake! Microsoft 365 security features give you the control you need through the settings in the Admin centre. It’s easy and simple, making sure data doesn’t get in the wrong hands.  


How to protect Office Accounts?  

Did you know most people don’t have complex passwords? Even in 2019, a survey found the most common password in the UK, with 23.2 million accounts using it, was “123456” – meaning their account is vulnerable to being hacked. We always encourage employees and customers to use complex passwords to protect their accounts. However, it’s not always enough. Hackers are getting smarter and so technology has to be too. The best and simplest way to protect your Office accounts is with Multi-factor Authentication. 

Multi-factor is a two-step verification process which gives your account a two layer protection making it difficult for hackers to get into – for example, sending a text to your mobile number or a code to an app also on your phone. It means that if you’re in the UK and someone else has logged in America, you will be notified if the user attempts to login and the necessary security measures will take place to further protect your account for example, a password change. Microsoft 365 security features gives you the extra layer of protection and peace of mind.   

Why choose Microsoft 365? 

We encourage all of our customers to get onboard with Microsoft 365 because it’s has everything you need to run a successful business. From collaboration to accessibility features, all for a single price per user per month. The advanced Microsoft 365 security features are a bonus to help protect and control data in your organisation. If you’re looking to move to the cloud and have company data protected, this is the solution for you.   

To make our customer Microsoft 365 journey easier, we offer e-learning training solution to help them learn all the features of the Microsoft Suite. The 365 Cloud Academy is designed to boost productivity. Click here to learn more. 

To find out more about Microsoft’s leading business solution, book a 15minute call with our experts. All you must do is fill out the form and we will get in touch with you. For any other queries, please e-mail or call 0800 148 8001. 

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