We’ve just released a new video series for the Legal Sector, explaining the benefits of A.I and how it can help improve the justice system.

Episode 1: What is Artificial Intelligence?

In this video, we explore what Artificial Intelligence is and the current situation in the legal sector. At the moment, most businesses are using traditional automation in other words, Robotic Process Automation (RPA). RPA provides incremental improvements however it doesn’t free up enough time for employees to complete the valuable work and that’s why A.I has come to force.

Episode 2: How Does AI Contribute to Efficiencies in Law Firms

In this video, we talk about the benefits of AI for the legal sector in detail. From saving costs to saving time, A.I is the technology worth investing in.A.I can help with reviewing legal documents and research, using machine learning algorithms to scan mass amounts of information quickly will benefit the legal sector hugely. It will not only reduce the workload but save costs. We’re not saying machines will take over but that A.I is a great tool to use alongside humans.This can also reduce the human error by avoiding misinterpretation of the documents and not missing any important or relevant information.

Episode 3: How is A.I Efficient for Customers

In this episode, we discuss how A.I. is efficient for customers/clients. In the legal sector, it’s important to value customers and ensure their experience with the service is the best. Legal firms do not want to lose out on customers and a simple mistake can be costly. A.I is reliable and will reduce human error, ensure lawyers are working on the important stuff and not the boring manual work. Happy Lawyers, faster processes mean happy clients!

Episode 4: Overall Advantages for A.I in Law Firms

In this episode, we discuss how AI is benefitting Law Firms, how AI is increasing the profit and revenue of companies, as well as providing lots of interesting facts!

Episode 5: Reasons IT is such a major change for Legal Firms

In this episode, we cover reasons why IT is a major change for legal firms. Well firstly, we have to consider reducing the risks of breaches. If a law firm is subject to a breach it will affect the brand reputation and customer trust is lost. Breaches are costly but having the right IT Solution isn’t. Secondly, meeting compliance needs. GDPR was introduced earlier this year but that’s not the end of it, there are going to be more changes so it’s important to keep up.

Episode 6: Example of AI already in Legal Firms – End of our video series!

In our final episode, we thought we’d be super helpful and cover software’s that’s out on the market. We list the top software ‘s to help legal organisations with their workflow and internal work processes to help them save costs and time. We hope you enjoyed this video series and learn alot about A.I Technology for Legal firms.


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