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Case study: Arrow Risk Management

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“It is a pleasure working with their support team, and our problems are quickly and swiftly dealt with – they really do know their stuff!”

Mark Bridges – Arrow Risk Management CEO


Company: Arrow Risk Management

Sector: Financial Services, Wholesale Broker


Who Are Arrow Risk Management?

Arrow Risk Management are a Boutique MGA platform that is led by a highly experienced management team. They offer brokers and carriers first-rate service, underwriting excellence, and trading efficiency secured upon the highest governance.

The scenario:

Arrow Risk Management have around 8 PCs and laptops and are based in the center of London, with plan to grow their team even further. They use Office 365 and Microsoft Azure to store and manage their SQL databases. They have grown to a point where they need IT support for their office devices, and also some remote IT support for their users who occasionally work from home. Their support needs range from solving Office 365 issues to internet connectivity problems, helping with other desktop issues including IT infrastructure monitoring and fixing.  

Why did they choose TechQuarters?

Arrow Risk Management’s CEO, Mark Bridges, has been a long-standing customer of TechQuarters. We’ve provided IT Support for many of his previous business ventures, with Arrow Risk Management being the latest one. Based on the history we share, great service we’ve provided, and our on-hand expertise, he knew we would be able to provide the best IT support for this new business.

The key selection criteria came down to having a reliable IT support team on hand for both onsite and remote support. One that understands Office 365 and can work on infrastructure issues, so any problems can be quickly resolved. Our strong partner relationships with suppliers also meant that we could source the best hardware at the lowest prices when needed.

The result:

Arrow Risk Management is now fully supported on an unlimited case basis for a fixed monthly fee – additionally, their infrastructure has been further improved on through providing an Azure SQL Database Setup with Business Central and PowerBI Licensing. TechQuarters have helped improve their record-keeping and decision-making processes, and given them peace of mind over their everyday IT issues for their staff working both at home and in the office.


Hear from Arrow Risk Management themselves:

“When I came to TechQuarters, I was looking for a reliable and experienced IT Partner that I could trust to support my team and help grow our new business venture. I knew I could rely on their experienced engineers and excellent knowledge. It put my mind at ease being in constant communication with our Account Manager, always receiving useful input and feedback at crucial points. It is a pleasure working with their support team, and our problems are quickly and swiftly dealt with – they really do know their stuff!” – Mark Bridges, Arrow Risk Management CEO

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