Windows Virtual Desktop is the latest modern workplace from Microsoft and is perfect for recruitment companies that want an agile solution that allows for growth, home working, easy onboarding and even some cost savings. In this blog we’ll look at 6 reasons it’s a no brainer for recruitment companies, but first lets cover the basics of what Windows Virtual Desktop is.

What is Windows Virtual Desktop?

Windows Virtual Desktop is a desktop and application virtualisation solution. What this means is where now you may have Windows 10 and Microsoft 365 products loaded onto your desktop or laptop directly, with Windows Virtual Desktop they are hosted in Azure. They still look like the apps you are familiar with, but instead of taking up space and being controlled by an individual’s PC, all the processing power and storage is handled in the cloud. You can employ a whole desktop or single apps to users from one central portal and scale up and scale down as needed, more on that below.

The below image is an example setup where a company can keep their current firewall and choose to apply company policies to certain people’s access before they connect to the Windows Virtual Desktop environment. This means regardless of whether a user is in a company’s office or at home, the right compliance and security measure are being met and the organisations data is safe.

Windows Virtual Desktop Example Setup

So Why is Windows Virtual Desktop specifically great for Recruitment Companies?

Now we understand a bit more about how it works, let’s look at WHY it’s such a great option for the recruitment industry.

1. Security

Windows Virtual Desktop is a great way to prevent data leakage as it stops users downloading data outside of the WVD environment. This means prospects personal data and your client lists are secure and compliant, and is a great insurance policy if people leave to go to work for other recruiters or competitors as they won’t be able to download any of this data onto their own PC and take it with them.

2. Easy Onboarding and Offboarding

Once the environment is setup and any servers or applications you need are in place, adding or removing users is extremely easy. You can onboard and offboard a user to the company environment in a matter of minutes, which is great for companies that have high staff rotation or are expanding and growing quickly.

3. Quick Setup

This one is good for everyone, regardless of industry – but the setup of a Windows Virtual Desktop environment really does only take a matter of days. Using a 50-user company with 4 servers as an example, this would take about 5 days to get fully setup. Once all the servers and apps are configured and in place, it’s just a case on adding the users. Previous virtualised infrastructures of this type may take weeks, even months to setup.

4. User Friendly Desktop

Like we mentioned previously, although your desktop and products are hosted elsewhere they look the same as if they were on the users local PC. This makes it an extremely usable solution and gives you the ability to standardised desktops across your organisation. Everyone can have a certain set of applications automatically, as well as all being on the latest operating system – Windows 10.

5. Connect All Company Applications

Windows Virtual Desktop doesn’t just allow you to virtualise Microsoft apps, you can also add all your third-party Sales and CRM applications. You can implement and enable recruitment systems into your environment, finance applications for FD’s or heavy-duty content creation apps (like the Adobe Create suite) for Marketing so no one has use up PC memory with programs.

6. Cost Effective

You can make so many savings with a Windows Virtual Desktop solution. You can safely have a ‘bring your own device policy’ as the security is so good, saving on upfront cost of hardware. Or, if you do want to provide PC’s and laptops, there is no need to invest in high powered user desktop as the power used in the cloud. You can get your environment set up to auto scale, so you only pay when users are actively using the environment. You can also save on office costs, as it is the perfect work from home solution, and it gets rid of the need for expensive onsite servers. WVD is a low upfront cost solution that can really help streamline one off hardware purchases.

Hopefully, this blog as shown that Windows Virtual Desktop is a great choice for recruitment companies looking for a flexible infrastructure solution that is perfect for more home working. It’s accessible to start-up all the way through to large corporate recruitment organisations, as it is easily scalable and has low upfront costs. It’s a fantastically agile solution compared to some of it’s more expensive and complex counterparts, like Citrix, that may not be a good choice for SMB or fast pace companies who like the ability to change at the drop of a hat.

You may have heard of set ups like this being referred to by terms like Microsoft Windows 10 virtual desktop, Microsoft VDI solution, or even Windows 10 virtual desktop, but they all mean the same thing. To find out more, visit our Microsoft Windows Virtual Desktop for the Recruitment Industry page, or our MS Windows WVD page.

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