In this article, we will cover 5 benefits of Office 365 and how it can benefit any organisation, whether it’d be 25 users or large corporate. Everybody need Office 365 and if you don’t have it, you’re missing out!

#Save Costs

Time is money! Every business wants to improve their internal business processes to help meet customer demands, they need the latest technology to improve both user and customer experiences. Products like Office 365 can help users work more productivity with tools like OneNote and Microsoft Planner. If you’re also looking to grow your business, Office 365 is the ideal solution do this without breaking the bank.

Microsoft Planner can help team leaders to manage their team with delegating tasks, setting deadlines and much more. Users are also able to manage their own projects, give themselves realistic deadlines and save time. The average cost of an overrun project is an extra 27% (source) – so make sure you’re team are planning properly and you could be saving this overspend easily!

#2 Improving teamwork and collaboration

One of the great advantages of collaborating with Office 365 is that people can continue working when they can’t get into the office – such as difficult travel situations or bad weather.

A common issue found in big global organisations is miscommunication and 57% of projects fail due to “breakdown in communications” (source). Microsoft Teams bridges the gap for these two issues, it can help users make frequent contact and with Skype for Business built in, users can make audio or video calls. Sounds great right?

Another great application to get your team working is SharePoint. Imagine the capability of working on the same document together in real time? Is this even possible? Yes, this technology is available in Office 365. You can see users make real-time changes and you also don’t have 7 million versions of the document.

#3 Employees can work from anywhere at anytime with Office 365

Remote working is becoming more and more common. More organisations are adopting this way of working as it enables users to work from any location, anytime and from any device as long as they have Wi-Fi.
Office 365 enables users to work remotely and access important applications like Power Bi , Flow and Dynamics CRM.

Secondly being able to communicate with their team via Microsoft Teams. Leaders who manage a team will find this useful if they are away on a business trip or travelling. There is so much you can do with these apps and even better you can download these apps on your mobile.

#4 Touch Screen Devices

If you’re a creator that likes to get hands-on with technology. Windows 10 enables users to use office applications via a touchscreen. Think with Ink enables users to use digital pen in documents, presentation, spreadsheets and notes. This technology enables users to have more control over what they are creating or working on. You can even edit text and images with the digital pen.

#5 Security with Office 365

This one is key, as obvious the idea of having your staff working and collaborating remotely is great – but you want all your key company info and data to be secure. Office 365 contains several security features to help prevent future cyber threats/attacks or hacks. It helps to reduce the human error of a cyber-attack with machine learning technology.

Multi-Factor Authentication: adds a layer of protection when logging into devices which is typically a password.
• Mobile Device Management: Controlling company data by access mobile devices
• Advanced Threat Protection: ATP helps prevent future cyber hacks by stopping malicious links & attachments
• Encrypted E-mail + Data Loss Prevention: Data Loss Prevention ensures that sensitive information such as credit card details doesn’t get sent out of the organisation & encrypted e-mail ensures that the intended recipient receives the message.
• Azure Identity Protection: AIP used machine learning to identify any unusual activity, for example, logging in from several locations at once. That’s where MFA comes in, it enables users to verify themselves.
• Privileged Identity Management: PIM enables users to assign users to different roles e.g. admin and allows you to control what controls they have.

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