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3rd Line Helpdesk Support for Your Business

Are you struggling to find the right specialized IT Support when its needed? Have you lost money and time due to your current IT Provider not having the right kind of skilled and qualified technicians to assist you with IT problems?

At TechQuarters, we have a dedicated 3rd Line Helpdesk Support Offering that includes the services of our highly skilled technical engineers for those slightly more troublesome IT issues. Our helpdesk is available 24-hours of the day and are well-versed in handling any major IT Support issues that a 1st Line Support service wouldn’t be able to assist with. 

Our 3rd Line Helpdesk Support Packages include:

  • Unlimited calls to our 3rd line help desk**
  • 24/7 proactive monitoring
  • Network monitoring
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Service reports
  • New technology advice
  • Fixed monthly fee
** capped call number options available
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At TechQuarters, our 3rd Line Helpdesk Support are world class. We go to extra lengths to ensure that our technicians are always up to date in terms of their qualifications and certifications – annual tests are completed, and training is always on the forefront of our technicians’ minds.

Third Line Helpdesk Support comes into play when more serious IT issues need to be handled and fixed – these guys know their stuff. When you’ve gone through first line support, second line support, and have ended up at third line support you know you’re needing to bring in the services of Network Specialists, Engineers, and Server Specialists to name a few.

Luckily for us, we have some of the best in the world at TechQuarters – Microsoft Certified and technically trained, our technicians are incredibly knowledgeable and know how to get the job done.

With our 3rd Line Support, you can rest assured that you will be talking to the experts, and you’ll have less to worry about in terms of your teams losing time due to technical or IT issues not being fixed.

Why TechQuarters are your ideal Support Partner:

At TechQuarters, we know how important it is for your technical and IT issues to be fixed and resolved quickly. This is exactly why we have placed so much emphasis on our technical team abilities and their qualifications – we make sure that our Support Helpdesk has all the knowledge and tools needed to help you get back to what you need to do and ultimately succeed.

If you’re thinking of upgrading your IT Support, we would love to see how our Support Offerings might be a great fit for your business. Chat to us today and let’s see how our support helpdesk can make a difference in your workplace and help you save both time and money.