In this blog we’ll be looking at 3 of the main business benefits of Windows Virtual desktop solutions that any CEO, COO or FD would be happy to see. Having a hosted desktop environment has many technical and usability benefits, but at a time where some organisations are looking to streamline their costs and simplify the way they work – it can be a great choice for cost saving reasons too. Keep reading to find out how it can work for your business.

Familiar and Customisable Solution

Windows Virtual Desktop gives you a standardised Windows 10 desktop across all users as well as a Microsoft 365 subscription for all users. Though you might be thinking, we already have this? Do I need to start again now? Well you’re in luck – Microsoft 365 Business Premium (previously Microsoft 365 Business till April 20202) is all ready to support Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD), meaning if you already have a Microsoft 365 Business Premium license – you are ready for WVD! Other eligible licenses include Microsoft 365 E3/E5, A3/A5 and F3. So with Windows Virtual Desktop, you can get a hosted desktop for all users with the same Microsoft 365 products you’re already used to using. However the difference with WVD is that none of these programs are actually hosted on your device, so you can choose to have lower spec laptops or devices for users. They just click on icons on the desktop and all those familiar products are there to use as usual, but all the processing power is done in the Azure cloud so having a powerful machine is not a must

Standardising Microsoft 365 and Windows 10 across all users is an example of a basic setup you can get with WVD, but you can also customise your setup by virtualising various apps your organisation or departments need in Microsoft Azure. Again, they just open the icon as usual but all the processing power is done in Azure. You could even just choose to virtualise specific apps in WVD and keep everyone on a laptop or PC with a local Microsoft 365 and Windows 10 on it if you prefer – it’s quite a flexible solution. This is a great option for if people are working from home or remotely and need to use heavy duty programmes like Photoshop or Adobe Creative Cloud,but they don’t have a powerful desktop PC.

Great Data and Network Security

One of the great benefits of Windows Virtual Desktop is how secure it can make a home working or remote setup. Like we said previously, users get access to the programs they need through icons on their desktop but unlike normal Microsoft 365 – you can set it so no data can be downloaded or saved onto a user’s desktop outside of the company’s control. This means no accidentally uploading malicious files into your organisation’s environment and no downloading of sensitive or key data outside of it. This also helps with GDPR compliance, as all data is stored in one place rather than across multiple devices. Plus, with it all being hosted on Azure you get the benefits of having your environment hosted on one of the most secure data centres in the world.

Ongoing Cost Savings

There are some great cost savings to a Windows Virtual Desktop solution, some of them built into the actual solution. There’s a feature called ‘autoscale’, which does need to be configured separately, which means the systems scales with the users as they log on and off, so you only pay for what you actually use. This means no running up bills overnight or at weekends when no one way be logged on.

There are also a lot of ongoing costs that are reduced or can even be got rid of completely. As everything is now in Microsoft Azure, you don’t need to install or upgrade any servers on premise anymore. So, any costs on maintenance or upgrades every few years are gone now. You can also save on your IT Support with a remote service that doesn’t include call outs, as everything is hosted in the cloud now. Lastly, as we mentioned previously all the processing power is done in the cloud – so your users only need lower grade machines to connect to WVD. This means an ongoing reduction in hardware and PC costs. Plus, all of this comes with automatic updates across all users, so your brand-new environment stays up to date and standardised.


Hopefully this blog has gone through some benefits of Windows Virtual Desktop that are relevant to your business. It can be a great option for people trying to cut costs or adapt the way their business works to include more home working, whilst staying secure. If you would like to learn more about this solution, we have a whole series on Windows Virtual Desktop on YouTube – or else get in contact at the details below.

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