Microsoft Planner is a planning application and great component of Microsoft 365, available to premium, business, and educational subscribers. It offers some fantastic ways to organize your tasks and teams. Here’s our Best 3 Features!

Chart View

Planner has a unique feature that you can use to help stay organized and keep on top of team tasks.

All the tasks that you have within a plan can be viewed as a pie chart, which is further divided into task progress.

All your completed tasks will appear as green – in progress tasks will appear as blue – late tasks will appear as red and tasks not started will appear as yellow.

Chart view will also display which tasks are assigned to which member.


Chart View


Planner allows you to label your individual tasks using a colour coding system.

You can define what you want the labels to mean, as an example, we use coloured labels to represent task priority.

If one task is of high priority we will give a red label, a moderate priority task receives an orange label, and low priority tasks receive a green one.

You can also rename the label with ‘High Priority’, and this text will appear alongside the attached label



Planner Notebook

Office 365 is well known for its collaboration features and one of these great collaboration pairings is between OneNote and Planner.

By clicking ‘Notebook’ on in one of your plans, OneNote will create a brand new notebook designated to the plan.

All individuals within the plan can write in the notebook and keep updating it with information!

This is great for if someone isn’t active on a plan for a day or so, they can keep up with the progress via OneNote.


Planner Notebook


So these are our chosen best 3 features of Microsoft Planner! We hope these help you in your daily use of Planner, if you don’t already have this – check out our page on Microsoft 365 for license plans that include it.

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