What is Microsoft Teams?

Recently, Microsoft released their preview version of Microsoft Teams and here at TechQuarters, we have had the opportunity to try it out. Microsoft Teams is a chat based workspace and also known as the Hub for Teamwork.

What is Yammer?

Yammer is an enterprise social networking service used for user communication within an organisation. To gain access yammer, the user must be part of the correct domain and use their company approved email addresses.

Since the reveal of Microsoft Teams there has been much speculation as to whether or not it was indeed intended to replace Yammer. Yes, both programmes sound similar but there are significant differences. Here at TechQuarters, we think there is plenty of room for both! (Screenshot of both logos on the right)

So what are the differences?

It could be argued that both programmes are similar in that you can send a message or document to groups or individuals. However, they achieve this in different ways.

Here at TechQuarters, we use Microsoft Teams to discuss upcoming projects, products, services and marketing techniques. The reason for this is because we can have group discussions whilst working a document together on one platform.

Whereas, we tend to use Yammer to see what the team is getting up to at the weekend and create polls for the whole organisation to see. Yammer can also be used for more social purposes; to plan company parties and share photos. That’s why we love Yammer!

Yammer is great for internal social network for companies to share personal photos, videos or statuses and even documents! This programme creates better interaction within the company as they can see what everyone is up to on their feed. It has been dubbed ‘The Facebook of Office365’. On the other hand, Microsoft Teams does not use a news style feed but shows notifications and recent activity in tabs.


Microsoft Teams has an amazing feature in the chat box where you can insert emoji’s, stickers and animation into group or individual conversations, which is great when it comes to quick replies. On the other hand, Yammer does not have the option to insert these features, the conversation box only includes an attachment icon to share files with colleagues.

Another one of the main differences between Microsoft Teams and Yammer is that, Teams allows user to make voice and video calls as well as joining online meetings! Allowing for constant communication amongst the whole team regardless of their location!


Why you should use both!

Both applications are revolutionary for different reasons. They both help organisations grow a more interconnect social network, are easy and flexible to use and allow users to be in contact with one another constantly.

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