This week TechQuarters TV released the final two new videos of our Training Series. The series covers topics from traditional classroom learning to the future of training so we wrote up a quick summary of what TQTV explain in each video.  You can catch up on our previous episodes here…

Episode 7 Summary– Learning stats you need to know

In this episode, we focused on important stats to really outline the benefits of e-learning. E-learning increases retention by 25-60% in comparison to Classroom training being 20-30%. E-learning enables users to take breaks, they learn at their own pace and users don’t have to worry about travel costs. In this video, we illustrate how e-learning increases productivity and efficiency through statistics.

Episode 8 Summary – The Future of Training

In this episode, we discuss the future of e-learning. We believe that one of the best ways to learn is remotely, using a mobile app during your commute, anytime and anywhere. Mobile learning is the future, according to a recent mobile research report conducted in 2016. This study shows that the average person spends 2 hours 51 min on their phone per day. It’s clear that users invest time into their mobile devices whether it’s personal or business related. It’s important for organisations to adapt to these changes by investing in the future of training.

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