This week TechQuarters TV have released a new Training Series on YouTube. The series will cover topics from traditional classroom learning to the future of training.

Episode 1 – Traditional Learning

Is traditional learning going to stay? Well we’re happy to say it is, there are so many benefits to traditional learning; after all people respond to people. In this video, we discuss the benefits of traditional learning and how interactive it can be.

Episode 2- Different Types of Learners

In this video, CEO Chris Dunning explains the different types of learners and how to match the type of training with the type of individual.
Here’s a list of different types of learners:

  • Visual Learners
  • Audio Learners
  • Reading & Writing Learners
  • Kinaesthetic Learners

Job roles can give you an indication of what type of learners the individuals are. For example, users in sales may be more likely to be visual or auditory learners as they are great listeners and speakers. Analytical roles are more likely to prefer reading and writing as they are likely to take notes and work strategically.

Episode 3- What is E Learning

In this video we cover the basics of E-learning and the benefits. It’s important for organisations to understand this technique of learning and how it can benefit learners. E-Learning is the way forward and organisations need to implement e-learning in their training processes.

E-Learning portals need to make sure their content is not outdated; enabling users to learn effectively with accurate and fresh content. E-learning platforms should allow users to test their knowledge with multiple choice questions and gain a certificate at the end. Lastly users can assess their progress through the analytics dashboard which is great for tracking learning and setting and achieving goals.

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