In today’s post TechQuarters will be talking about the new Thecus Box – a Nas, Mini Server hybrid. Equipped with a windows operating system the Thecus can run all your important programmes seamlessly and backup automatically to the cloud. Keep reading to find out why your business needs a Thecus:

What is NAS

NAS stands for Network Attached Storage aka a specialized computer designed to house all your businesses files and a data. If you know anything about technology you will know that every company has one or had one at some point, they’re essential. When a small company needs to store information such as user’s birthdays, taxes, employee data they purchase a NAS device. The problem is, NAS devices can be unreliable. If you access the NAS via a hosted domain controller (which is very common) then in the event your internet goes down, you lose all access to files until it goes back up. Permission problems can also occur because the NAS doesn’t run an operating system and your computer does. Therefore, it can have trouble communicating with your system.

You may also find that some newer versions of popular software aren’t even compatible without the NAS having an operating system loaded; for example, Sage – the popular accounting database software.

A NAS can be tricky even at the best of times. So, what can you use instead? Medium to large companies traditionally use a server to host all their files and data whether that’s an inhouse server or cloud based servers from providers such as Microsoft. But this is expensive, a physical server can range from £3000 and up.

The Thecus Solution

Thecus, the company behind tonnes of Linux based NAS servers, has released a solution that sits in between the mini server and a NAS. Thecus, for all intense and purposes, is essentially a NAS type box that runs windows server OS and backups up to the cloud. Why is this better?

  •  It’s extremely cost effective. The NAS server hybrid only costs £1000 for 2 terabytes of data, more than enough for a small to medium company.
  •  Running windows allows the server to run applications and software that were previously restricted due to NAS’s running Linux. (It can run Sage.)
  •  It won’t run into the same communication or permission error issues because your computer is running Windows and so is your server.
  •  The Thecus offers backup and integration with Microsoft’s Azure cloud servers so all your data is safe as it is instantly backed up. In a time when new regulations with heavy fines are being enforced in the European Union (including post Brexit UK), making sure your users data is safe and secure is a top priority.

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