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With GDPR around the corner, organisations are facing pressure to become GDPR compliant, and in this rush, are not necessarily thinking about the most cost-effective ways of storing, collecting and protecting their data. TechQuarters has a GDPR solution that will enable organisations to prepare regulations. Solution

If you would like to know more about the GDPR regulation, watch our video here:

TechQuarters provides a cost-effective GDPR solution that will make your business become more efficient when it comes to data handling.

What we provide

We provide a 3-stage approach to help your organisation become GDPR compliant, the first involves an audit followed by the tagging of your data and then a report.

The next stags of our GDPR solution are as follows:

  • Remediate (action the data)
  • Protect (encrypt, isolate, track)
  • One- Off payments or on going
  • Setup, audit, report
  • On-going audit and report
  • End point – ongoing gather, protect, report
  • Initial 12-month license

What are the benefits?

Our data transformation service is an intelligent cloud-based platform that simplifies and automates the identification of key insights and restructures messy data, using machine learning and hyper-scale cloud processing; reducing costs and storage use. Reducing costs is beneficial to any business and it’s important now with GDPR that your data is organized and readily available. Take a look below at what TechQuarters can do for you:

Identifying Data

TechQuarters provides an opportunity to help organisations reduce the security risk of data through advanced cloud-based security software and data isolation techniques that we can implement for you. Our GDPR module identifies the personal identifiable data (P.I.I) in your data estate and creates an easy index, allowing fast access to personal information for audits.

Organising Data

Our software allows you to make informed decisions to categorise and, should you wish, migrate any data you might need to move. It identifies duplicate, redundant, obsolete, and trivial data, saving your business money. Then we can support you in archiving this to appropriate cheaper storage to dramatically reduce storage costs. Lots of organisations can greatly improve their data management capability by migrating, archiving and even deleting the terabytes of useless or unimportant data held in expensive on premise infrastructure.

Analysing Data

The Data Transformation Service that TechQuarters provides can analyse what data is being stored and intelligently migrate it to the appropriate cloud-based ECM and cloud storage platforms. This Cloud-based data profiling solution helps your organisation gain insight, remediate and migrate your unstructured data at scale to reduce cost, reduce risk and increase information governance for the benefit of your business.

If you would like to know more about the GDPR regulation, watch our video here:


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