Remote working is all about empowering employees by allowing them to work anytime, anyplace anywhere. Organisations need to embrace the cloud, adapt to the digital environment and become data driven. At TechQuarters, we have outlined some of the benefits of remote working and how you can leverage the right tools to successfully adopt it in your business.


Many organisations communicate with teams across the globe, remote working is an advantage for those organisations, enabling them to communicate and collaborate from different locations.

Remote working from home is common and has many benefits, statistics show that remote workers have less sick days compared to onsite workers. The reason for this could be that the when remote workers aren’t feeling 100%, they are still able to complete their work from the comfort of their own home and don’t have to worry about issues associated with coming into the office.

Additionally, using productive tools enables users to work more efficiently at home without worrying about the commute and the process of getting ready. As there are new capabilities, there are new tools and it’s important for every organisation should embrace those tools to benefit their business and empower their employees.

Remote working & Reduced costs

There are reduced costs for the organisation as there is a reduced amount spent on transportation. In addition, employees who avoid a daily commute also avoid issues regarding congestion, the delay of public transportation that affect many businesses. As well as saving money on travel costs.

Flexibility & Efficiency

Office 365 applications such as SharePoint and OneDrive allow users to access company documents and work together with their team on the same document in real time. This will enable users to finish tasks more efficiently. Flexible working ensures that employee satisfaction is high, with new capabilities, employees can leverage those tools when remote working. Below is a list of Office 365 Applications we recommend every organisation needs to leverage and adopt:



-Microsoft Teams



Remote Working

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