On January 12th 2017 Microsoft announced the release of a new mobile app enabled for office 365 users. The application sets out to resolve communication issues within businesses the rely heavily on deskless workers as it can be more difficult to quickly share and access information. Microsoft StaffHub has key features which tackle those issues such as managing schedule, sharing information and instant messaging.

Managing Schedules

Microsoft StaffHub enables employees to view upcoming schedule as well as access important notes. Employees can also access staff members shifts which will enable them to easily swap shifts when needed. Once the request has been sent out, the recipient must accept or decline the request just like the Outlook meeting invite feature. The employee waits for an accepted shift notification. The employee then needs to wait for the manager’s approval as they have control over schedules therefore any shifts that have been swapped need to be confirmed by the manager, using this feature.

Microsoft StaffHub

Sharing Information

Instant messaging allows managers to send direct messages with features such as inserting photo images. This is great for increasing efficiency within the business as colleagues can communicate faster. Managers can also select which content they want to share with the team. This is great for training and induction purposes, as employees may need to access tutorials or training documents on the move.

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