Managers need to learn new skills to implement digital transformation within the business; they need to become digital leaders within their business. They can achieve this through encouraging their users to leverage the right tools, become confident with using technology internally and externally. Technology makes it easier for users to interact with their customers, partners and staff members.

At TechQuaters, we have some great tips on how to become a digital transformation leader within your business.

Create a dynamic culture

This is a difficult one but it can be achieved. The trick is to replace old processes with fresh ones. Become more agile, productive and efficient. That way the business runs with updated resources and working with employees better to gain success. You need to find a proactive advocate along with an expert in digital transformation to push a dynamic culture.

Implement a digital strategy within your company strategy

Employees need to adapt and perform better with modern technology systems, there needs to be a strategy in place which ensures they have the right training on new applications and programmes. TechQuarters 365 Cloud Academy ensures online and classroom user training on office 365 applications to enable users to use technology and keep up with the change. Business need to implement training strategies so that employees feel confidence and become more productive with modern technology.

Hire leaders who are change agents

Digital change agents who are experienced are key for every business; an individual who can recommend resources and implement digital tools as a means of communicating within the business for example implementing video conferencing. As digital change agents, we can help businesses with their business culture, their strategy and adoption of technology so they can adapt to the today’s digital world.

Encourage Digital focus

The resources within the organisation should be technology focused, users need to adopt technology. Managers need to become digitally fluent, they need to implement their digital thinking into their management process. TechQuarters are Digital Change Agents, we can help users to confident and create a strategy for users to adopt technology.

Break down departmental barriers

Organisations are starting to become more collaborative, communication is more flexible between staff members and management teams. Improving efficiency, productivity and processes within the business. Flat organisational structures are becoming more common and a great structure for businesses to maintain. It’s a structure that’s easier to manage and statistics show that work satisfaction is higher in flat organisational structures rather than a hierarchical structure. To become a digital leader, company users needs to be able to communicate with staff quicker, to make quick decisions and to listen to any suggestions.

Make more decisions

Decision making, planning and executing tasks are key process for businesses. The changes in the work environment require managers to make more digital decisions to keep up with the changes. Digital transformation is changing the work environment and the way business run , its key for business to make decisions that will implement digital trends.

Plan to disrupt than be disrupted

Businesses are trying to keep up with the pace of technology and the more behind you are, the more disruption businesses face. There are higher demands and they need to be met. Digital leaders need to have a contingency plan in place to avoid any disruptions. They need to be ahead of the game.

Embrace and aspire to digital congruence

In a recent survey, respondents rated “too many competing priorities” as the biggest barrier for taking on digital trends. Organisations are finding it difficult to prioritise digital transformation in their business as there are other priorities, and they fail to see the important or strategy to take on the advantages of digital trends.

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